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| August 4, 2012
muslims in malaysia

These are ruthless politicians who are trying to play God, and the minute they are in power, they need... More ››

| July 12, 2012
Dr Teng Hock Nan

Teng Hock Nan comments on Kuala Selangor’s gender segregation. More ››

| June 27, 2012
orang mengundi

Traditionally Penang voters have voted for the BN or DAP and they don’t have any time for third political... More ››

| April 9, 2012
BN Pg PC (2)

An off-the-cuff remark about withholding funds to schools subscribing to Umno papers backfires on the Penang Chief Minister. More ››

| February 20, 2012
BN PC (2)

Penang MIC chief criticises Pakatan government's reluctance to divulge details of contract signed between MPPP and the developer for... More ››

| January 18, 2012

A DAP parliamentarian has reminded Gerakan that it was booted out by the people in the 2008 general election... More ››

| November 24, 2011
Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan

It should be able to select the best leader from any component party to lead the coalition in Penang More ››

| November 18, 2011
Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan

Some say he has decided to give up his leadership positions and make an announcement tomorrow, but others fear... More ››

| November 14, 2011
Koh Tsu Koon gerakan

Unwarranted intrusion can result in the party opting out from BN and forming a formidable third force, says a... More ››

| October 11, 2011
lim guan eng1

Penang BN lying and does not know anything about sPICE, says Chief Minister. More ››

| October 10, 2011

BN leaders admit that the 'feel good' factor in Budget 2012 will not win back the state. More must... More ››

| October 10, 2011
BN pC (1)

Penang BN says with escalating prices and dubious contracts, the Penang project may go out of control. More ››

| September 4, 2011

Lim's obsession in potraying BN or Gerakan as evil has resulted in hatred being dished out at anyone who... More ››

| August 26, 2011
Penang Hill LIM

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says Berjaya Group has never sent any proposals to the state government to... More ››

| August 25, 2011
penang umno

Teng dismisses claim that his party and MCA would submissively hand over the chief minister's post if BN wins... More ››

| August 22, 2011
BN Meeting

The embattled Gerakan boss keeps parroting 'I will announce when the time comes' after being bombarded with questions regarding... More ››

| August 19, 2011
koh tsu koon and lim kit siang

DAP supremo largely responsible for the widely held perception that the former chief minister is too mild a leader,... More ››

| August 11, 2011

Party statement attributes Penang’s economic success to Chong Eu’s and Tsu Koon’s work More ››

May 4, 2011

Gerakan veep says party would not object to PAS-Umno cooperation so long as the Islamist party drops its idea... More ››

| March 25, 2011
jerejak montage

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng gets a pat on the back from state BN for making the right decision... More ››

January 7, 2011
G eng

The Penang government has ticked off Gerakan over move to preserve the environment. More ››