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| October 13, 2017

In an affidavit filed for the Selangor government, Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman says he should know as he was... More ››

| October 8, 2017

Merdeka Center's Ibrahim Suffian says opposition could have won a few more state, parliamentary seats if the total opposition... More ››

and | October 7, 2017

A political analyst with a Singapore think tank suggests with GST having affected the poor the most, rural voters... More ››

| October 5, 2017

She advises Malaysia to use rehabilitated supporters and insiders to counter IS’ narratives. More ››

| September 29, 2017

Electoral watchdog says EC should understand that neutrality of observation is not defined by personal whims and fancies. More ››

September 28, 2017

Abstaining from voting only effective in countries that practise a minimal voting attendance or include 'none of the above'... More ››

| September 28, 2017

It says some parties had spread news that voter registration could purportedly be done online or through social media... More ››

| September 23, 2017

Ramon Navaratnam backs Bersih 2.0 campaign to ease voting for East Malaysians residing in peninsula, calling requirement to go... More ››

| September 2, 2017

Offering voters any form of inducement, be it cash or gifts, is deemed a bribe, says MACC deputy chief... More ››

| August 23, 2017

DAP Youth chief Wong Kah Woh says there is no reason for BN to continue denying the rights of... More ››

August 9, 2017

This may be due to Umno and Barisan Nasional's desire to retain their votes among the Muslim electorate. More ››

| August 6, 2017

The DAP supremo says rural voters should emulate the example set by the former deputy prime minister in speaking... More ››

| July 10, 2017

Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah set to sue Election Commission alleging agency had illegaly moved Kuala Kubu Baru... More ››

| June 22, 2017

It wants police to investigate DAP man for lodging 'false report' accusing the Hindu body of involvement in such... More ››


He says the party will ruin its chances at the polls if it thinks non-Muslims will vote for it... More ››

| June 7, 2017

State government also seeks to prevent the proposal from reaching PM's table. More ››


The PKR VP fears these additional postal votes may help sway the results in key seats in GE14 in... More ››

| May 19, 2017

This will allow EC officers in the states to attend to the matter, says commission chairman. More ››

May 19, 2017

'We are up against a system that is deeply flawed and manipulated. But we can still do something about... More ››


Klang MP Charles Santiago says method of objecting to newly-registered voters is used to full effect by Umno to... More ››

| April 28, 2017

Copies of the draft supplementary electoral roll, which used to be given free, are now only available for viewing... More ››

| April 25, 2017

Invoke survey shows PAS will come in last behind Umno and Amanah in Malay-majority areas. More ››

| April 25, 2017

Maria Chin Abdullah questions EC for allowing 'phantom voters' to be registered, while there are genuine voters being objected... More ››

| April 19, 2017

Claiming only one party fears these voters, the Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman adds that the address of most of those... More ››

| April 3, 2017

Matter concludes with Court of Appeal ruling that voters have no right to legal representation during inquiries with EC,... More ››

| April 2, 2017

Ismail Sabri says if DAP leader appoints a Malay to chair Pakatan Harapan, it will mean opposition coalition is... More ››

| March 27, 2017

Parti Warisan Sabah vice-president Junz Wong says this will cause problems in the next general election, and advises people... More ››

| March 17, 2017

EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah says the commission does not want to be blamed for any problems arising from... More ››

| March 13, 2017

College students bemoan the utter waste of time of being called up by the Election Commission to explain their... More ››

| March 10, 2017

Court to decide on March 13 whether to grant leave for full arguments to be heard regarding the merits... More ››

| March 8, 2017

Maria Chin Abdullah alleges that irresponsible parties are exploiting a voter objection provision in the law to prevent individuals... More ››

| March 4, 2017

Electoral watchdog also urges Election Commission once again to give them ARO status so they can help register eligible... More ››

| February 23, 2017

A student activist says older people may not know how best to persuade newly eligible voters to register. More ››

| February 14, 2017

Former EC chairman urges opposition parties to focus on the remaining 12 million voters to capture Putrajaya and state... More ››

| February 6, 2017

People who have registered as voters and applied to change their polling district in the fourth quarter of 2016... More ››

| January 27, 2017
selangor spr law

The state also wants EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah to testify about an affidavit he affirmed in response to... More ››

| January 25, 2017

The applicants should have filed their action within 90 days from April 29 last year when the EC gazetted... More ››

| January 14, 2017

Former EC chairman says the government won’t agree for reasons known only to them. More ››

| December 20, 2016

Umno supreme council member says voters are more discerning these days, especially with the advent of social media and... More ››

| December 1, 2016

Minister says BN has been around for over 40 years while opposition has had five coalitions in 26 years... More ››

| November 21, 2016

Justice Hanipah Farikullah recuses herself as she is a close friend of Election Commision (EC) chairman, Hashim Abdullah. More ››

| September 28, 2016

The Federal Constitution allows a citizen the right to choose to register as a voter, says MCA’s Ti Lian... More ››

| September 28, 2016
Ti Lian Ker

Ti Lian Ker of MCA says increasing the number of voters by automatic registration is equally irresponsible. More ››

| September 26, 2016

PKR-linked NGO offers chance for new voters to win prizes through a competition. More ››

| September 24, 2016

We have transcended politics and are being more realistic in trying to get votes, says Prime Minister Najib Razak. More ››

| September 9, 2016

Maria Chin says reply from EC to its complaint that more than 118,000 voters were moved from their constituencies... More ››

| September 1, 2016

MCA spokesman says Umno must stop members from spewing fiery rhetoric, or try to outdo PAS. More ››

| August 3, 2016
ng kor ming

Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming says this proactive move could avoid confusion among voters, especially when... More ››

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