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| June 5, 2017

At least 20 elephant corpses have been found stripped of their skin in two sites the wildlife NGO monitors... More ››

| April 18, 2017

The species most at risk because of illegal activity within natural world heritage sites is probably the vaquita, the... More ››

| July 29, 2016

The conservation group estimated that there remained 200 tiger farms in Asia, mostly in China, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. More ››

| July 19, 2016

NEW YORK: World Wrestling Entertainment Inc was sued on Monday by Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and dozens of other retired... More ››

July 18, 2016

Why do NGOs such as Malaysian Friends of the Animals, Friends of the Orang Utans and Nature Alert have... More ››

April 15, 2016

"With Apps for Earth, we're helping to inform, engage and involve millions of people in global environmental efforts through... More ››

and | May 11, 2014
borneo forest

In Borneo the impending El Nino is real and both Sabah Wildlife Department and the World Wildlife Fund is... More ››

February 12, 2014

The organisation also wants the government to sign the Conference Declaration in London and prioritise cracking down on illegal... More ››

August 7, 2013
Irrawaddy dolphins

Kalimantan's developing charcoal industries is seen as the main threat to mangrove forests, a key habitat of the Irrawaddy... More ››

July 15, 2012
turtles_IPS photo

Malaysian conservationists are urging a ban on the trade of endangered marine turtles’ eggs. More ››

April 8, 2012
oil palm

Western governments have been known to use environmental concerns and international aid as vote-winners, helping to 'detoxify' their images... More ››

November 22, 2011

A report says that only half of palm oil used by surveyed companies came from sustainable sources. More ››

| August 23, 2011
sarawak logging 1

Piqued by slurs of the body being in cahoots with greedy timber concessionaires, it announces an independent third party... More ››

| February 19, 2011

The federal government's decision to scrap the controversial coal-plant in Lahad datu, Sabah has forced Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd... More ››

| February 10, 2011

Stop misleading the public, environmentalists tell government and Tenaga Nasional More ››