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Sean Augustin


Cops given free rein to probe gay sex videos, says IGP

Abdul Hamid Bador says there is no external influence or pressure from anyone in the matter.

Opposition walks out after Guan Eng let off the hook over...

The speaker's decision sparked discontent among many, especially BN MPs.

Guan Eng tak perlu ke Jawatankuasa Hak dan Kebebasan kerana isu...

Ini selepas speaker Dewan Rakyat mendapati tiada unsur prima facie dalam dakwaan menteri kewangan itu.

Guan Eng escapes parliamentary action over GST refunds

The Dewan Rakyat speaker says no elements of provocation were found in the finance minister's claim.

China will understand, says Guan Eng on money seizure from HSBC...

The finance minister says it is similar to Malaysia's action against Goldman Sachs.

Over 3,000 new HIV cases recorded last year, says health ministry

Of these, 47 were patients below the age of 18.

MPs pass historic bill to amend constitution on voting age

The Cabinet had agreed to lower the voting age in September last year.

Old enough to vote but too young to wed, laments MCA

Party president Wee Ka Siong says the laws on voting and non-Muslim marriage should be streamlined.

Govt to table amendments to OSA next year

Deputy law minister Hanipa Maidin says the government will also table a new Freedom of Information Act.

Dr M tables voting age bill ahead of show of unity...

The government also agrees to the automatic registration of voters.

Putrajaya studying return of PPSMI, says Dr M

The prime minister says the education ministry is considering a new system to reimplement the policy.

PRU15 perlu RM1 bilion keterlaluan, kata bekas timbalan pengerusi SPR

Wan Ahmad Wan Omar menjangkakan PRU15 menelan kos kira-kira RM750 juta.

RM1 bil price tag for GE15 an ‘exaggeration’, says ex-EC deputy...

Wan Ahmad Wan Omar disputes figure by youth and sports minister, says cost will be RM750 million at the most.

Kojadi linked to 1MDB, Guan Eng insists

The finance minister says Yayasan 1MDB's accounts show that the MCA-linked cooperative returned RM6 million to the foundation.

Youth unemployment normal in developing countries, says Dr M

The prime minister says this is because the youth are in a transitional phase.

DAP man says MPs, senators should not be in GLCs

RSN Rayer urges government to bar politicians from government-linked companies.

Bill to amend NSC Act withdrawn

The bill, tabled at the last sitting, was scheduled for a second reading in the current session.

Past failures may ground Malaysia Airlines, says Dr M

The prime minister says flights may be stopped altogether to save money to revive the national carrier.

Now, Dr M says no decision on highway takeover from Gamuda

This follows reports that government had made a RM6.2 billion bid to take over four concessions of tolled highways.

We have 4 offers to take over Malaysia Airlines, says Dr...

But the prime minister says no decision has been made yet.

Vocational training to trim dependence on foreign labour, says Dr M

The prime minister says TVET will be a 'game changer' for Malaysia.

Delectable success for local chocolate confectioner

How a dream, a dash of ingenuity and hard work created a recipe for success for an entrepreneur.

It makes more sense to integrate your lands, Dr M tells...

The prime minister says settlers should look into joining forces to earn better revenue.

We can’t please everyone, Dr M says after criticism of task...

The prime minister says some will be happy while others will not.