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Longest non-stop passenger flight arrives in Sydney

Qantas flight QF7879 took 19 hours and 16 minutes to fly direct from New York to Sydney.

Versace jacket, silk caftan among Liz Taylor’s treasures set for auction

Previous auction in New York totalled sales topping US$156 mil.

Difficult breakups aren’t necessarily associated with gaining weight

The occurrence of 'sorrow fat' may not be as common as we think.

‘Black Panther’ star Daniel Kaluuya bringing kids fave ‘Barney’ to film

Barney the Dinosaur is coming to life through movie star Daniel Kaluuya and Mattel.

Air pollution may cause memory loss, equivalent to 10 years’ ageing...

Researchers say study results are ‘concerning’, consistent with animal studies.

Eiffel Tower-produced wine to debut next year

Paris’ heritage in viticulture given second wind by local startup.

Painting fetches £1.1 mil at Sotheby’s, thanks to Google search

Art piece price is over 7 times the pre-auction estimate.

Foetuses prefer classical music over rock, except for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Music preferences develop in the womb, experiments show.

Stressed pregnant women tend to deliver girls, study finds

Those with anxiety or depression are also at high risk of premature births.

Human milk fights harmful bacteria other types can’t, researchers find

'Powerful' glycerol monolaurate can be added to infant formula and cows' milk.

Google pulls Hong Kong protester role-playing mobile game

Second app to be pulled after China's criticism of Apple.

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr faces trial for groping

Oscar winner is accused of grabbing woman’s breast in a bar.

Five ciggies a day enough to cause long-term lung damage, study...

Smokers also more likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Humans will never reach other planets, says Nobel winner

Scientist says travelling outside solar system takes 'just far too long'.

Microsoft app can now route Android phone calls to PC

Users will be able to answer, initiate and decline as well as access recent history.

Farting Teslas on the horizon, says CEO

Elon Musk tweets announcement of customisable sounds for vehicles.

People likely to eat more around family and friends

Research suggests people tend to consume up to 48% more in the company of loved ones. 

In Brazil, sumo becomes a fledgling sport

To help spread sumo across Brazil, the Japanese government has sent a coach under the auspices of the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

In Finland, cycling skills let immigrants feel free

The group founded the project to empower the new arrivals, especially women, many of whom come from North Africa or the Middle East.

Puma and Rubik’s have a colourful collection in the works

Famous brands join forces for vibrant series, which will include pieces for adults and children.

50 years on Beatles classic ‘Abbey Road’ tops charts again

'It's hard to believe that Abbey Road still holds up after all these years. But then again it's a bloody cool album,' tweeted Paul McCartney.

‘Harmless’ lies damaging to children’s mental health, study finds

Kids lied to frequently more likely to adopt intrusive, manipulative behaviours as adults.

Vaping similar to inhaling poisonous gas, reveal scientists

Biopsies in US show injuries to lung of smokers resemble chemical burns.

Smartphone addiction may help identify depression

Researchers find device dependency increases risk of feelings of loneliness.