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Sufficient physical activity every week lowers risk of death

New research finds that individuals who meet physical activity guidelines may enjoy a lower risk of death.

BMW Motorrad unveils new Active Cruise Control

New system aims to provide an unprecedented riding experience that will be more comfortable than ever.

Menopause could increase risk of metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome results in a higher waist circumference, low levels of 'good' cholesterol and higher blood pressure.

First ever Haute Couture Week accessible to general public

Here are a few tips on how to follow what amounts to a most unusual fashion event.

‘Morning sickness’ can actually occur any time during the day

Researchers say change in term 'morning sickness' needed as nausea and vomiting during early pregnancy occur at any time during the day.

Dinosaurs on Google Search are now in augmented reality

People can even see just how a tyrannosaurus rex measures up to their home or themselves.

Paris show relives Pompeii’s final horrifying hours

'Pompeii' recreates daily life in 79 AD (CE) in the hours before the volcano poured death and destruction down on the city and its 40,000 inhabitants.

A drink or two a day could boost cognitive health as...

New US research has found that light to moderate drinking may help preserve cognitive health as we age.

The Rolling Stones to show Havana concert film in drive-ins

Band to take over North American drive-in movie theatres with their iconic concert film 'The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon'.

Awkwafina to Zendaya: Oscars Academy boosts female minority membership

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is boosting its efforts to increase female and ethnic minority membership.

Link between discrimination and hypertension among African Americans

Researchers find psychosocial factors like discrimination also have the potential to negatively impact health besides diet and physical activity.

Mary J Blige is latest US star to enter wine business

She joins Jay-Z, Sting, Francis Ford Coppola, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and even Lady Gaga.

Trailer for ‘Cursed’ repositions King Arthur as Lady of the Lake’s...

The Lady of the Lake leads the way in this reimagining of Arthurian legends.

Captain America in ‘Fortnite’ to land on July 4

Datamining discoveries relating to the latest "Fortnite" update indicate that another comic book crossover could be on its way this week.

Meta-analysis confirms kids more resilient to Covid-19

Research finds the majority of children with Covid-19 had better clinical outcomes when compared to adults affected by the virus.

Xbox to unveil alternative Series S console in August

Report suggests the Xbox Series X, is a less powerful and consequently less expensive edition currently known as Lockhart.

Screenwriter appointed for miniseries on golfer Tiger Woods

The actor who will play the role of the famous American golfer has not yet been named.

Apple’s newest macOS supports 4K Netflix streaming now

When macOS Big Sur launches later this year, Apple computer owners will finally be able to watch Netflix in 4K HDR.

Share your mood of the day on Waze

Popular navigation application Waze is enabling its users to share their moods of the day with some 30 icons to express all kinds of emotions.

Bob Dylan makes chart history with 39th studio album

79-year-old singer-songwriter released 'Rough and Rowdy Ways' on June 19.

Kids whose dads play with them may have better self-control

New research finds these kids have better ability to control their behaviour and emotions as they get older.

Women with preterm births may have higher risk of heart disease...

New European research finds women who give birth before they reach full term may have a higher risk of developing ischemic heart disease later.

‘Sims 4’ avatars to sport MAC Cosmetics makeup looks

Players can now customise their everyday virtual heroes' looks with branded cosmetics.

Higher sugar intake leads to bigger fat stores around organs

Research shows eating too much sugar could lead to more fat deposited around heart and stomach.