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RK Anand


The police’s ‘seditious lack of speed’

A MIC leader says while the police can act with speed against those who allegedly make seditious statements, it however drags its feet on more important matters.

Dr M turns his back on Muhyiddin?

The former premier states that BN will continue to support Najib Tun Razak because there is no alternative.

Archived: Anwar: Yes, we instigate the people

The opposition leader says that Pakatan Rakyat instigates the people to defend their rights and stand up against 'robbers'.

BN’s seditious tango with disaster

Is the ruling coalition cooking up a fatal recipe, one which may see the simmering cauldron of discontent boil over ala Arabia?

Archived: ‘Sedition dragnet reeks of double standard’

Why were the likes of Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin and Ridhuan Tee Abdullah allowed to roam free despite making incendiary remarks about race and religion?

Archived: The silver lining behind Pakatan’s defeat

If Pakatan had seized federal power, Malaysia would have lost an opposition leader who embodies the struggle of David against Goliath. BN, on the other hand, would make a deplorable opposition.

Archived: For the love of God, he speaks

The 73-year-old cleric is passionate about his chosen path, and his faith and conviction motivate him to speak out against injustices, which has earned him both bouquets and brickbats.

Bishop: Polls anything but free and fair

Bishop Paul Tan explains that while he abstains from partisan politics, he supports electoral watchdog Bersih in its cause for free and fair polls.

Archived: Pakatan’s black parade rattles Johor

'We are not interested in the Election Commission fixing the mistakes in the coming general election. We want the commission to declare that Pakatan won the 13th GE,' thunders Anwar.

Haris: I’m not advocating violence

The ABU leader says that the planned street rally to oust the BN government is not a clarion call for a violent uprising.

Archived: All hail the Black Parade

Last night, Kelana Jaya witnessed a powerful display of people power. Dressed in black, they came to mourn the death of democracy.

Thank you, Anwar

He has now accomplished so much more than what he could have as just another Umno president and default prime minister.

Archived: Congrats Najib for the new record

The BN chairman may have won the elections, but he has lost the moral authority to govern this nation.

A hollow victory for BN

The coalition performs even worse than in the 2008 general election, with Pakatan improving on its parliament seats tally.

Archived: Vote for justice, says Altantuya’s dad

Setev Shaariibuu is still looking for closure. And he urges Malaysians to vote for justice on polling day, which falls on the eve of his daughter's birthday.

Ambiga: I wish it happened sooner

For the first time, the Bersih chairperson has been invited to speak at a BN forum. And she is more than willing to do so.

‘Indians, take a bold step’

WargaAman is calling on Indian voters to turn their backs on BN and vote for change instead.

‘Give Kit Siang a break, make him senator’

On a sarcastic note, Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon tells the voters in Gelang Patah to help the DAP veteran by voting for his opponent.

Archived: Bishop jabs ‘Mat’ Tyson

Bishop Paul Tan has criticised Muhammad Muhammad Taib for his shocking remarks on the alleged Christian propensity for violence.

Archived: Nik Aziz rattles Putrajaya’s iron mosque

A video has surfaced showing the crowd at the mosque mobbing the venerated PAS leader and Putrajaya candidate Husam Musa, which some say signals the mood of change.

Archived: Forgive Hitler, forgive Najib

It is not about forgiving Zulkifli Noordin, it is whether the Indians will forgive the BN chairman. One is seen as a wolf but is the other being seen as a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Archived: Heads of ‘good men’ will roll

As far as perception is concerned, BN represents a pirate ship and all on board are pirates who helped keep the vessel afloat in order to terrorise the seas for more than five decades.

Archived: ‘If you have pride and dignity, reject BN’

This is the message that the Malaysian Hindu Movement is planning to drive into the hearts and minds of Indian voters during its nationwide campaign, spurred by the decision to field Zulkifli Noordin.

Archived: Umno’s Pasir Mas charade dents 1Malaysia

Political observer and author Kee Thuan Chye says the move has proven Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's adeptness at trickery.