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Witness says ex-education minister demanded RM250 mil from solar project

Rayyan Radzwill Abdullah says the sum was cut to RM60 million to be paid to Mahdzir Khalid's proxy which finally did not materialise.

Umno lawyer claims trial to RM15 mil money laundering charges

Mohd Hafarizam Harun is alleged to have been involved in three transactions involving proceeds from unlawful activities in AmIslamic Bank cheques belonging to former prime minister Najib Razak.

Peguam Najib dilepas tanpa bebas, akan hadapi dakwaan baru di mahkamah...

Hakim turut membenarkan Hafarizam Harun menarik balik satu permohonan untuk membatalkan kelayakannya susulan perkembangan itu.

Najib’s lawyer gets DNAA for money laundering with fresh charges ahead...

Mohd Hafarizam Harun also withdraws an application to have the judge disqualified.

One-day Parliament sitting unconstitutional, says lawyer

Bastian Pius Vendargon says the proceedings on May 18 disabled Parliament's functions.

Ex-tow truck operator wins murder appeal in ‘case of mistaken identity’

The 31-year-old had been convicted by the Shah Alam High Court for the murder of a trader.

Najib’s appeal could be heard sooner rather than later, says lawyer

KA Ramu notes that the written grounds of judgment for Najib Razak's case will be provided within three weeks instead of the usual eight.

Najib can remain MP pending appeal, says lawyer

A Srimurugan says the Pekan seat will only be vacated if Najib Razak fails to file his notice of appeal within 14 days.

Parties in ‘Allah’ suits hope for solution from PN govt

A Sarawakian woman and Sabah's Sidang Injil Borneo Church have filed a suit over a Customs seizure of 8 CDs.

Court turns down transgenders’ bid to hear right to cross-dress

The apex court rules that the three applicants did not cross the threshold of Rule 137 to have the matter heard.

All attention on Najib’s corruption trial as judge delivers verdict on...

The Pekan MP will be acquitted if the trial judge finds the defence has created a doubt in the prosecution's case.

Judges displeased as no lawyers available for 3 men in rape...

Exasperated Court of Appeal bench chairman Kamaludin Md Said says it’s a waste of time and resources when lawyers are not present and cases cannot proceed.

Shafee’s appeal to disqualify Sri Ram fixed for Sept 30

The lawyer wants the Court of Appeal to hear the matter only after a High Court has decided on an ongoing judicial review case in Kuala Lumpur.

Retain ruling death-in-custody victims can’t get exemplary damages, court told

Seven-member Federal Court bench has reserved judgment on whether to depart from a 2017 majority ruling.

Court declines to hear Pua’s injunction appeal as suit withdrawn by...

Chief Judge of Malaya Azahar Mohamed says courts do not answer questions of law posed when the matter is academic.

Businessman to hang for murder of pub bouncer

This comes after businessman fails in appeal to the Federal Court.

Altantuya’s family fails in bid for statements from murder probe

Judge says the statements were taken in confidence for the purpose of the criminal trial, and that disclosure could be highly prejudicial.

Bekas kontraktor ke tali gantung kerana bunuh pemilik kedai 7 tahun...

Hakim berkata, kecederaan dialami Oh Son Liong adalah kejam dan mengerikan kerana beberapa kesan tikaman serta usus mangsa ditemui di luar badan.

11 years’ jail, whipping for e-hailing driver who caused miscarriage

The driver and an accomplice had robbed a 26-year-old passenger looking forward to having her first child.

Ex-auxiliary cop escapes gallows in drug case

Apex court also frees K Prabhagaran of firearms and ammunition possession charges.

Ex-O&G contractor to hang for murder of shop owner 7 years...

Federal Court says the offence is considered murder as the injuries suffered by Oh Son Liong were both brutal and gruesome.

Bunuh adik ipar 6 tahun lepas, lelaki dihukum gantung

Pesalah masih boleh terlepas daripada hukuman gantung jika mendapat pengampunan daripada Sultan Selangor.

Man to hang for murdering sister-in-law 6 years ago

N Kumaresan, who confessed the crime to his wife, could escape the gallows if he receives a pardon from the Sultan of Selangor.

Mahkamah Rayuan tegur wanita bersalah dera amah selepas 4 kali tangguh...

Hakim Kamaludin Md Said berkata, rekod menunjukkan kes Rozita Mohd Ali ditangguh sebanyak 4 kali sejak 24 Sept tahun lalu.