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Govt trying to make Najib a bankrupt over unpaid taxes, says...

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah says the former prime minister does not have the resources to pay the tax owed.

Psychiatrist charged again with insulting patient’s modesty

Dr Gurdeep Singh Narain Singh claims trial again after he was earlier given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal.

Peguam cabar Singapura guna undang-undang ‘berita palsu’ berhubung dakwaan hukuman kejam...

Menteri Singapura, K Shanmugam dinamakan sebagai defendan.

Lawyers challenge Singapore attempt to use ‘fake news’ law over prison...

A correction order by Singapore under Pofma is illegal, oppressive and an attempt to silence Malaysian citizens from exercising their right to free speech in Malaysia, says Lawyers for Liberty.

Mahkamah benar kerajaan lucut hak Umno Kelantan ke atas RM32,000

SPRM membuktikan kesnya terhadap responden berdasarkan imbangan kebarangkalian.

Court allows govt to forfeit RM32,000 from Kelantan Umno

All requirements under Sectiion 56 of the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 have been met by the applicant, says judge.

Najib denies appointing Apandi Ali to Tabung Haji board as reward

Najib tells the High Court the appointment was not meant as a reward to the former attorney-general for clearing him of criminal wrongdoing.

Tough to get Saudi royal family to testify about ‘cash gift’,...

The former prime minister says some of the money came directly from the Saudi ministry of finance.

Abang Iskandar the next chief justice of Sabah and Sarawak?

A native of Sarawak will assume the position again after Mohamed Jemuri Serjan held it from 1991 to 1994.

Najib admits he had no plan to bring back SRC’s RM3.6...

The former prime minister says he refused to allow his second deputy finance minister to retrieve the funds because he too did not have a plan.

Court strikes out CBT charges against ex-arbitration centre director

Sessions judge Azura Alwi says she is bound by a High Court ruling to quash the three counts of CBT amounting to RM1 million against N Sundra Rajoo.

Mahkamah benarkan pakar Najib tentukan kesahan tandatangan

Pihak pembelaan juga boleh kemuka keterangan bagi menyangkal testimoni pakar itu.

Najib can call handwriting expert to examine documents, rules judge

Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali says he is allowing the application in the interest of justice.

Cabinet issued guarantee for RM2 bil even before SRC applied for...

Najib Razak agrees that even after the loan was given to SRC International, it did not achieve anything great.

Najib should be allowed to put forward all available defence, says...

Trial judge Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali will deliver ruling tomorrow on whether to permit Australian handwriting expert, Dr Steven Strach, to examine the documents that have been tendered in court.

Woman who wants to be declared a Buddhist gets leave to...

Born to a Muslim father but brought up by her Buddhist mother, the woman seeks to overturn a ruling requiring her to go to the Shariah Court.

Najib’s bid to bring handwriting expert an afterthought, court told

Justice should not only be for the accused but also for the state, says ad-hoc prosecutor V Sithambaram.

Anwar to file defamation suit against Yusoff, says lawyer

Ramkarpal Singh says he has obtained instructions from the PKR president to file the action next week.

Lawyer charged with money laundering to enter defence before new judge

The Court of Appeal today struck out the prosecution's appeal against an earlier decision by the High Court.

Son’s application against Samy Vellu’s companion postponed to March 6

The case has been rescheduled as the judge is unwell.

Court affirms Indonesians’ 16-year jail sentence for robbing Thai vessel

The Court of Appeal also maintains five strokes of the rotan each for the 10 offenders after ruling that their appeal has no merit.

Govt to challenge ruling giving immunity for ex-arbitration chief

Lawyer Abdul Shukor Ahmad says the Attorney-General's Chambers filed a notice of appeal last week.

3 kumpulan mohon jadi pencelah saman isytihar sekolah vernakular haram

Peguam T Gunaseelan berkata, kumpulan itu mahu menjadi pencelah kerana mereka turut terjejas dengan saman itu.

Three groups apply to intervene in suit to declare vernacular schools...

Lawyer T Gunaseelan says the groups want to be made parties as they are affected by the action.