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Anthony SB Thanasayan


A world without dogs is meaningless

This writer cannot imagine a world without special canine friends like Vai, Biman, Soo, Reba and Zhar.

Dogs deserve better

Animal abuse in any form is irresponsible, unethical and reprehensible.

Temple okays wheelchairs in change of heart

Disabled devotees get good news after months of frustration.

Hope for persons with multiple sclerosis

Awareness programme on multiple sclerosis received overwhelming response from public

Archived: Understanding multiple sclerosis

This Sunday some 300 Malaysians are expected to turn up for a special gathering called MS Walk 2014 to show their support for people with MS.

There IS life after Parkinson’s

Being struck with Parkinson’s disease is no reason for anyone to give up.

Let’s get serious about ending discrimination

The sad truth about prejudice against the disabled is that it continues to rear its ugly head frequently and I wonder what the late Karpal Singh would have to say about this?

Stop scarring the disabled further

Those entrusted to protect the rights of the disabled must not shirk their responsibility under any circumstances.

Archived: The loss of a disabled hero

Hours before Chong Tuck Meng went into surgery, he told this writer that he was looking forward to get back at once to his advocacy work again.

M’sia isn’t looking very good right now

When the nation has been thrown into utter shock, confusion and sadness over the missing MH370, conflicting statements by officials is not helping our image internationally

Archived: Uzma raising RM99m for drilling project

By Azli Jamil KUALA LUMPUR: Uzma Bhd is raising up to RM99 million to finance its existing drilling project and oilfield operations services and wireline...

Avoiding dog attacks

What to do when man's best friend turns on you?

Archived: Why was I dropped as a councillor?

The writer is wondering if he was 'retired' for ruffling the feathers of a powerful politician

Archived: Welfare department’s unkindest cut

Welfare officers are said to be rude and arrogant in dealing with Malaysians with disabilities.

Archived: When life offers a new inning

A work-place accident is not going to stop wheelchair-bound Jeyaraj from making the best for himself and his family.

Archived: Thumbs up for MBPJ

The disabled community appreciates MBPJ for having a heart to listen to their plight and predicament

Archived: My X’mas story

A time for giving and receiving, X'mas for some went beyond religious and disability boundaries and was filled with the true meaning of the season – sharing joy, care and love.

Archived: Removing barriers for disabled people

Providing wheelchair access for the disabled is one of the most important aspect in helping disabled people to participate fully in normal lives.

Disabled community needs better reps

Bathamavathi, the second disabled senator to be appointed to Parliament, receives flak from OKU leaders, challenging her to deliver on OKU issues.

Archived: Better days for strays

Working together for the first time, MBPJ and DBKL host the annual World Animal Day and look at how to better their stray animal control management efforts.

Archived: When I got more than just pizza

I appreciated Pizza Hut telling me that what happened had been extremely difficult and painful for them too as it was for me.

Archived: Disabled community and meaningless handouts

The best budgets have always been the ones that reached down to ordinary persons like the handicapped who soldier on in a society that is built for them just to live for another day.