Disney to debut India streaming without fanfare in lockdown

The US entertainment giant joins rivals Netflix and Amazon in trying to tap a potential surge in users.

Faulty virus tests cloud China’s European outreach over Covid-19

Beijing is trumpeting a win over the virus to mount diplomatic offensives with Western nations.

Navy rejects captain’s plea to evacuate virus-ravaged carrier

Defence Secretary Mark Esper says carrier doesn't need to be evacuated yet.

Divorce ban adds to virus woes for married Russians out of...

Condom sales increase by nearly 50% as employers began to tell their staff to work from home.

Indonesia sedia dana AS$4.4 bilion cegah penularan Covid-19 di pedalaman

Pasukan sukarelawan membantu pihak berkuasa tingkatkan kesedaran mengenai pandemik itu di hampir 75,000 kampung di republik itu.

Huawei issues ‘Pandora’s box’ threat if US curbs sale of Taiwan...

The Chinese government won't let 'Huawei be slaughtered on a chopping board', says chairman.

SE Asian central banks coordinating efforts to cushion virus impact

Heads of Asean-5 central banks have held discussions according to Bank Indonesia governor.

See you in court: Pastors challenge US govt on church closures

The trio say stay-at-home order uses pandemic 'to infringe on personal liberties'.

Indonesia allocates US$4.4 bil for village squads to prevent virus spread

Jokowi ordered officials to step up monitoring of Indonesian workers returning from overseas.

Singapore startup raises US$27 mil for remote medical consultations

The fundraising brings the startup’s capital base to more than US$40 mil.

Empty shelves spur Brits to grow their own vegetables

Sales of seeds have sky rocketed as bored people look for a productive way to kill time.

Oil aided by China recovery but still set for worst-ever quarter

New York futures rose for the first time in 4 sessions.

‘Taking action cost me my job’: Amazon fires worker for leading...

Fulfillment centre employees demand extended cleaning after confirmed Covid-19 cases at the facility.

Zoom sued for allegedly illegally disclosing personal data

According to the suit, its app contains code that discloses information to other third parties.

Virus to keep almost 24 million people in East Asia impoverished

World Bank urges region to invest in expanding conventional health care and medical equipment factories.

Working from home gives chipmakers boost while others suffer

Booming online, e-commerce services help spur demand for parts and components.

Suspected mask profiteer arrested for coughing on FBI agents

Baruch Feldheim was charged with assault, lying about accumulation and sale of medical supplies.

China clashes at virus epicentre show risks facing Xi

Communist Party leaders have expressed concern about unrest in the fallout from pandemic.

Locked-down Italy risks losing grip in south with fears of looting,...

Police have been deployed amid reports gangs are using social media to plot attacks on stores.

Abbott shares surge after it unveils 5-minute coronavirus test

Medical device manufacturer's kit has received emergency-use authorisation from the US FDA.

JPMorgan says market rout is probably past its worst now

Goldman Sachs however expects the market to turn lower in coming weeks.

Italy’s home quarantine repeats mistake made in China, doctors say

They advise Italy to follow China’s lead to forcibly isolate patients with mild symptoms.

Australia pledges A$130 bil over 6 months to safeguard jobs

Last week, Australia’s parliament rushed through more than A$80 bil in fiscal stimulus.

Africa needs US$100 bil to bolster virus preventative measures

Africa’s hospital systems are so weak the pandemic is going break it.