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Dennis Ignatius

Dennis Ignatius
Dennis Ignatius is a former ambassador.

Deep state, poor leadership and plain incompetence

Until PH finds the courage to confront the civil service, implement reforms it will remain a drag on this and any other administration.

Chin Peng: Lies, bigotry and double standards

In Malaysia, it’s not the crime that matters as much as one’s religious or racial background.

Malaysia’s erratic foreign policy

Putrajaya is now reaching out to North Korea, despite having nothing to gain and everything to lose from closer relations with Pyongyang.

Mischief brewing in Batu constituency

It’s time PH leaders start prioritising the interests of the people and the nation instead of their own egos and ambitions.

Nothing will change without change in leadership

Despite alarming signs of voter disenchantment in Tanjung Piai, prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad insisted that there was nothing to worry about.

Mahathir’s succession games

The prime minister remains as elusive as ever on his plans to hand power to Anwar Ibrahim.

No kafirs here, only citizens

Non-Muslim Malaysians are citizens with equal rights and privileges and we refuse to accept second-class status in our own country.

The succession issue and Dr M’s nuclear option

By pandering to Ketuanan ideologues, PKR and DAP have been warned that if they push Mahathir too far, he has a nuclear option at hand.

Just another comical day in Malaysia Baru

We may have our differences at home with some local Muslim leaders but it shouldn’t blind us to the terrible plight of the Uighurs.

UM student protester deserves our respect

This young student displayed more courage and integrity than most of our politicians.

Tigers everywhere: Malaysia’s terrorism mystery

Many things don’t add up, like the absence of reports anywhere of an LTTE revival.

A budget in search of a vision

What exactly is going on? It is hard to figure out what vision animated the recently-announced 2020 budget.

Haram to be Malaysian?

Resolutions and statements at the recently concluded Kongres Maruah Melayu detailed the agenda of the emerging ‘Malaysia for Malay’ construct.

Behold, the ‘new normal’ in Malaysia Baru

Dignity cannot be built upon bigotry, intolerance and extremism.

Hypocrisy and hyperbole at the UN

World leaders, including Malaysia's prime minister, were selective in their criticisms of nation-states at the recent UN General Assembly.

This by-election, save PH by voting BN

Voting BN to save PH might sound contradictory, oxymoronic even, but it might well be the kind of “tough love” that is needed to bring PH leaders to their senses.

Are Chinese schools bad for national unity?

Many Chinese schools are more multi-ethnic than national schools.

Can Umno-PAS save Malaysia?

Umno has opted to dig the trenches of racism and extremism even deeper by working with an irreparably extremist party that has consistently rejected democracy, inclusiveness and religious tolerance.

This Malaysia Day, let’s boycott hate and fear

Hostility and suspicion have shrouded our nation like the haze that is now choking us.

Rethinking ECRL

The spotlight is now back on China’s involvement in the whole affair.

PPBM: Out of touch and out of step?

We didn’t exorcise Umno from Putrajaya only to see its ghost stalk the halls of power again.

Is Pakatan Harapan serious about protecting human rights?

Or is the deportation of Turkish national Arif Komis and his family meant to get on the good side of the Erdogan regime.

I weep for you, Oh Malaysia

Decades of Umno rule, of race-baiting and outright racist policies, of constantly belittling and disrespecting racial and religious minorities, of disowning them at every turn and seeing them as enemies, have taken its toll.

Why empower a demagogue like Zakir Naik?

The controversial preacher is destabilising our country and destroying what remains of our fragile unity.