Dennis Ignatius

Dennis Ignatius
Dennis Ignatius is a former ambassador.

Mahathir, a crisis of his own making

Mahathir played his games and wove his web of political intrigue.

Does Pakatan Harapan really care?

Mahathir used to poke fun over Najib's 'cash is king' comment. Make no mistake, money talks just as loudly today.

Who will save Malaysia from Hadi?

This is a politician who, at one time or another, has been in bed with every other party – Malay and non-Malay, Muslim and non-Muslim.

Give priority to refugees instead of importing more foreign labour

The biggest challenge that refugees face, apart from the harassment and intimidation, is sustaining themselves and their families

End the LTTE farce now

If there are genuine concerns that the 12 pose a threat to national security, the courts should hear their case expeditiously.

Can Dr Mahathir rebuild our national schools?

Many will flock back to national schools if it emphasises high scholastic achievement and nurtures respect and tolerance for diversity.

Government must act decisively to contain the coronavirus

Putrajaya has a responsibility to prioritise the health and well-being of Malaysians ahead of economic and bilateral considerations.

In a season of mistrust, some hope for the nation

Both Dong Zong and the government could have better managed the whole Jawi issue.

What the influenza epidemic says about government priorities

Providing free and timely vaccinations should take priority over new cars for ministers or flying cars for that matter.

Should DAP leave the government?

With all hope of a Malaysia Baru gone, DAP can explore new avenues to pursue the reform agenda or go the way of the MCA.

Mahathir’s done some wrongs, but he’s right about Modi et al

The government's selective concern, however, has made Malaysians ignore human rights for all and to think in racial narratives.

Dr M’s old ideas clash with new realities in KL Summit

The KL Summit was another missed opportunity for Muslim nations to take ownership of their own failure.

Time for a third force?

At the end of the day, Malaysians have every reason to be disappointed and disillusioned.

The phoney war against corruption

Until there is a truly independent and ruthless system of tackling corruption in the government, we are only fooling ourselves if we think we're combating it.

Does communism pose a threat to national security?

We have long gone past that stage where communism as an ideology holds any attraction to Malaysians.

Billions lost in defence procurement scandals

And while these issues took place during the former administration, the question now is what is PH going to do about it.

Deep state, poor leadership and plain incompetence

Until PH finds the courage to confront the civil service, implement reforms it will remain a drag on this and any other administration.

Chin Peng: Lies, bigotry and double standards

In Malaysia, it’s not the crime that matters as much as one’s religious or racial background.

Malaysia’s erratic foreign policy

Putrajaya is now reaching out to North Korea, despite having nothing to gain and everything to lose from closer relations with Pyongyang.

Mischief brewing in Batu constituency

It’s time PH leaders start prioritising the interests of the people and the nation instead of their own egos and ambitions.

Nothing will change without change in leadership

Despite alarming signs of voter disenchantment in Tanjung Piai, prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad insisted that there was nothing to worry about.

Mahathir’s succession games

The prime minister remains as elusive as ever on his plans to hand power to Anwar Ibrahim.

No kafirs here, only citizens

Non-Muslim Malaysians are citizens with equal rights and privileges and we refuse to accept second-class status in our own country.

The succession issue and Dr M’s nuclear option

By pandering to Ketuanan ideologues, PKR and DAP have been warned that if they push Mahathir too far, he has a nuclear option at hand.