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Cigarette butts can be recycled for home use

The bricks used to build our homes could well be improved by the addition of... recycled cigarette butts.

This car can produce electricity for an emergency response

Emergency vehicle is capable of sharing the electricity produced by its batteries to offer aid in case of an unforeseen event.

All-electric and hydrogen trucks to carry freight in the future

Daimler has just unveiled its strategy for emissions-free haulage, which will focus on all-electric and fuel-cell technologies.

Rocky and Legally Blonde to get ‘films in concert’ treatment

Iconic soundtracks will be performed by a live orchestra.

BTS to hit it big as record label prepares IPO

K-pop sensation BTS are set for a multi-million-dollar windfall next month when shares in their record label go on sale.

Narcissistic people more likely to vote in elections

Study confirms link between narcissism and political participation.

Spotify to adapt podcasts into films and TV shows

Spotify is now in partnership with production company Chernin Entertainment to adapt native podcasts into TV series and movies.

Catherine Deneuve teams up with APC for capsule collection

Deneuve is bringing her iconic style to a special collection for French label Atelier de production et de création available as of Sept 28.

Want to cut stress by half? Watch a cute animal video

According to a British study, watching videos of cute animals helps reduce our anxiety and improve our mental and physical health.

Glenn Close to star in online adaption of ‘Angels in America’

Broadcast on Oct 8 on's YouTube channel is to raise funds for the amfAR foundation.

You could be paid to watch Netflix in pyjamas

Loungewear brand Pour Moi is spending a little over 300 euros to test out its comfy clothes.

Here’s the ultra-light electric bike for the price of a Tesla

The Novus Bike is a single-seater with a carbon-fiber frame weighing only 7 kg but retailing at 39,000 euros.

Want to stay in shape? Make love instead of hit the...

Having sex offers an alternative to treadmills, which many people find much more enjoyable.

Doing intermittent fasting wrong could cause weight gain

Often adopted by people aiming to lose weight, if misapplied, the method may in fact have the opposite effect.

The most playful dogs revealed

Swedish researchers conclude that two types of dogs show more play behavior: herding and hunting dogs.

1 in 5 Spotify users listens to podcasts

Spotify announced that 21% of its active users (free or premium) listened to podcasts during the second quarter of the year.

20 years on, TV’s ‘Big Brother’ is getting a video game

‘Big Brother: The Game offers gamers from all over the world the chance to become one of the contestants of the famous isolation-themed reality show.

We may soon be eating sushi made with lab-grown fish

A Californian start-up has grown salmon in a lab using stem cells taken from wild Pacific salmon.

Will Twitter be your new answering service?

Twitter is taking over voice mail, allowing private contacts or public ones to send and receive short audio files.

What exactly is ‘nouvelle cuisine’?

It is a movement that sought to create lighter versions of French classic dishes with an emphasis on fresh ingredients.

What is cloud bread, the recipe making waves on TikTok?

It’s a fluffy mass produced from egg whites gently baked to obtain a kind of 'crumb' that is very frothy and, above all, very colourful.

Botticelli painting expected to sell for record US$80m

‘Young Man Holding a Roundel’ has been billed by the auction house as one of the greatest paintings from the era still in private hands.

Why do we share political memes on social media?

A new survey explains why 55% of Americans have shared a political meme in the past three months.

How YouTube will protect minors from shocking content

Google is working on algorithms and identity cards that will automatically modify age restrictions for certain videos.