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Premier League set to use VAR from next season

The Premier League is set to use the Video Assistant Referee system from next season after clubs "agreed in principle" to the move.

Refereeing errors see justice go undone

The match between Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim was marred by several refereeing errors.

Valencia, back from the brink

After a difficult two years from 2015 to 2017, Valencia have made an impressive comeback.

AniManGaki lights up Sunway Pyramid

The 10th edition of AniManGaki was one which will be fondly remembered by its many attendees.

New coach but same old Arsenal

A coaching change does not seem to have improved Arsenal much, if at all.

Pakistan’s Imran Khan wins vote but no majority

Although Imran Khan won the election, he has to form a coalition before he can take power.

That’s it for the World Cup – now what?

Although the World Cup has ended, it will nevertheless have a major impact on the upcoming club season.

Gazing into the crystal (foot)ball

Weijun's predictions for the World Cup

5 tips to build the ‘perfect’ prediction chart

Making a World Cup prediction chart is not easy, but those whose charts end up being relatively accurate gain bragging rights.

Karius’ night to forget

After a horrendous performance in the Champions League final, Loris Karius must now do all he can to put it behind him for the sake of his career.

Winner takes all

Final-day, winner-takes-all league matches are usually matches that live long in the memories of all who watch them.

The underdog success story of the season

Despite the odds stacked against them at the start of this season, Hoffenheim have accomplished a great deal.

From elite to irrelevant

Despite beating Liverpool, Chelsea's poor season has been reflected in the lack of hype surrounding their 1-0 victory.

2 matches away from immortality

Real Madrid are two matches away from a third consecutive Champions League title, and with it, the status of 'greatest club team of all time'.

7 years too late for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger will leave behind a mixed legacy at the club which he led for over two decades.

Crashing back down to Earth

Roma's sub-par performance in the Derby della Capitale does not bode well for their Serie A or Champions League chances.

An ode to the bicycle kick

Bicycle kicks occupy a very special place in the football world.

From future dynasty to rudderless ship

Although their future once seemed extremely bright, Borussia Dortmund have, on the whole, failed to live up to the hype they once had.

World Cup: Last chance at glory for Spain’s greats

Spearheaded by their veterans, Spain will be hoping to restore their shattered pride with a good run at the upcoming World Cup.

Bulls on parade: Why hate Leipzig?

In spite of their recent success, RB Leipzig have received much unwarranted hate, especially from fans of other Bundesliga clubs.

A salute to the greatest video-game hero

Mario is truly the most iconic video-game character of all time.

The Great Wall of Turin

Dominant defensive performances should cause fans to reconsider their assumptions about defensively-oriented football.

When football rules need change, and why

Because of how easily they can be exploited, certain rules of football need to be changed.

‘The Special One’? More like ‘The Greatest One’

Manchester United head coach José Mourinho’s brilliance puts him head and shoulders above other coaches.