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Fabian Cornelius


Children in Nepal orphanages ‘at risk of abuse’

KATHMANDU:  British teacher Sarah Robinson knew something was wrong even before leaving the orphanage in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu in 2012 with her precious...

Anti-graft moves get wider and deeper

Integrity officers will be stationed at all levels of administration, says Paul Low

‘Don’t renew Kidex land acquisition deadline’

The legality of land acquisition for the Kidex highway is doubtful because the traffic and environmental impact studies reports have not been submitted to the state government, says group.

Soup kitchens happy they can continue

Ban on soup kitchens does not affect NGOs which have their own premises.

First soup kitchen to shut down

Kechara Soup Kitchen says it has no choice but to comply as they are close working 'partners' with government departments.

Archived: Tengku Adnan told to walk the streets

NGO's slam the minister for wanting to close and criminalise soup kitchens and the destitute.

Archived: Kidex misses report deadline

It needs 'another week or two' to submit the finalised TIA to MBPJ

‘Show proof of our deception’

MCA Youth division is challenged to prove their claim that PJ residents are being fooled by their elected representatives.

In the dark over Kidex meeting

State assemblymen and MBPJ councillors have not been informed of the meeting on Kidex which Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim had mentioned.

NCCC: Less complaints but value of loss increased

The number of complaints received in 2013 dropped compared to the previous year says National Consumer Complaints Centre.

Archived: ‘We can’t follow Japan in using burners’

There is a vast difference in cultures between Malaysia and Japan and the government is off track in using incinerators in this country, says Kuala Lumpur Tak Nak Insinerator.

Gobind foresees Pakatan losing Selangor

He says Khalid is behaving too much like a BN leader.

‘Make Kidex documents public’

It is up to the Malaysian Highway Authority whether reports are made public and the Selangor state government must pressure them to do so.

‘Think before tabling a motion’

Selangor Speaker reprimands state assembly representatives for not doing their 'homework' before putting forward issues for debate and for wasting her time.

Selangor well prepared for El-Nino

If the El-Nino comes next year, Selangor is prepared as they have started work on other sources of water.

‘Putrajaya must clear air on Kidex’

Kidex Sdn Bhd has kept all interested parties in the dark for far too long, claims a state representative.

El Nino will only begin next year

The weather phenomenon will last three to six months in 2015.

Archived: Enough water throughout El Nino

Selangor has done detailed preparation to meet the dry days ahead.

Khalid to question the need for Kidex

Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim wants to know why the project was approved in the first place.

Rafizi calls for Pakatan stand on Kidex

He worries that the public will see the opposition alliance as being no different from BN.

Anti-highway coalition on the cards

Say No to Kidex and Say No to Dash are likely to join forces.

Bill for Kidex likely to soar to RM3.4b

The original RM2.4 billion tag on the proposed highway did not take into account the cost of acquiring the land mostly in the urban areas, claims an assemblywoman.

Kidex traffic impact report not in yet

A city councillor disputes CEO Mohd Nor's claim that relevant documents have been submitted.

Granny makes a move to get Kidex information

She has filed a Freedom of Information Enactment 2011 application in a bid to get more information on the Kidex highway project.