Frankie D'Cruz

Frankie D'Cruz
Multi award-winning journalist Frankie D’Cruz aims to articulate readers’ hopes and fears to those in power.

Former DAP strongman Hu Sepang dies

The firebrand was the small man’s politician, and was among those detained during Ops Lalang in 1987.

Nancy janji permudah pembukaan semula sektor hiburan

Kerajaan mahu menghidupkan semula kegiatan ekonomi daripada industri hiburan dan tidak memandang remeh cabaran dihadapi mereka.

Nancy steps in to help battered entertainment industry

The tourism minister says she will work to address the financial woes of those in the live entertainment sector.

Music maestro’s son on the road to recovery after brain surgery

Doctors were able to remove Ooi Chin Seng's brain tumour in a four-hour operation made possible by donations from well-wishers.

Who will pick up our fallen stars?

Government funding has dried up and fundraising efforts have stalled because of the shrinking economy.

Return to dining out after 3 months in hibernation

A look at how Covid-19 has changed the face of dining out for customers and restaurant owners alike.

Bizarre ruling stops loved ones from witnessing marriage ceremony even as...

A couple is heartbroken at having to choose only one parent to witness their civil ceremony next month.

Donations pour in for music maestro Ooi and son

Well-wishers rallied instantly to help the father and son, collecting RM55,000 within 24 hours.

Music maestro Ooi’s family suffers another blow

The legendary RTM composer-songwriter, aged 84, is ailing, while his son needs surgery for a brain tumour.

Out of touch sports bodies lost in the digital world

Spelling errors, sparse information, and no records of the past line the dusty cobwebs of the online presence of our sports organisations.

Revington reveals he had brain tumour, denies quitting over threat

The hockey fraternity has reacted with shock over the South African’s disclosure as many thought the threat forced him to leave.

Why is it hard to do what is right?

Malaysians seem to have lined up in opposite camps about whether to obey rules meant to curb Covid-19.

Missing NRG? Catch them live online soon

NRG's second ticketed virtual show will be livestreamed from the Warisan Hall Studio in Sijangkang on Monday, June 15.

46 tahun berlalu, pembunuh KPN Abdul Rahman belum diketahui

Lim Woon Chong dan Ng Foo Nam didakwa atas pembunuhan Abdul Rahman Hashim, tetapi mereka tidak pernah dibicarakan untuk jenayah itu.

46 years on, who killed IGP Abdul Rahman?

Questions about who carried out the assassination, and why, continue to haunt his son, former crime reporter Najib Rahman.

Cops bar sale of liquor and beer at Kelab PJ diner

The order follows a raid on the 700-member social club last night.

Karyawan sends SOS to Putrajaya to restart entertainment

President Freddie Fernandez says 7,000 members of the Malaysian Artistes’ Association have been jobless since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Disability rights lawyer-activist extraordinaire dies, aged 30

James Low suffered from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a disease that robs one of physical strength by affecting the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord.

Poser over the power of striptease icon Rose Chan

Will the revived interest in the story of Malaya's Queen of Striptease, who would have been 95 this year, spawn a penetrating study of her heroism?

For Malaysia’s Everest conquerors, no dream is too high

Twenty-three years after Magendran and Mohandas were the first Malaysians to conquer Mount Everest, the nation is still motivated by their feat.

Late crooner Tony Franco was beautiful in his own way

Melaka music legends recall good memories of singer Antonio Franco de Costa who passed away Wednesday after a battle with cancer.

The swinger who charmed Malaysian golf

Golfer V Nellan, who passed away yesterday, caddied for prime ministers and coached kings.

Making history, changing the rhythm of live music

MfM Frontliners will be the first band in Malaysia to perform online in adherence to regulations under the conditional movement control order.

Royal Selangor Club hits back at DBKL over CMCO spat

The club says decision to close bars was 'unwarranted, high-handed and an abuse of power'.