Gayatri Unsworth


Why the shock, when we taught them how to bully?

It is time society admitted that our everyday behaviours in so many aspects, fall miserably short of the values we claim to espouse.

Let’s tackle ‘real’ issues, not imagined ones

Surely teen pregnancies, gang-rape and baby-dumping are far more pressing concerns than 'fixing' the gender identity and sexual orientation of others.

How about more conviction in our own faith?

If an individual's conviction in their own faith is strong and steadfast, no amount of external influences, no matter how persuasive, would be able to shake that belief.

Change the mindset not the dress

The spotlight has for too long been on the hemlines and sleeves of women's attire, when it really should be on the education and mindset of men.

Yet another child’s blood on our hands

It is high time to stop viewing the welfare and care of our young through retrospective lenses.

Zakir Naik’s PR status is very much my business

Concerned citizens cannot be flippantly dismissed from offering views in a discourse around national security, simply based on the fact that they are not of a particular religion.

Build them up, don’t break them down

If students are expected to be submissive, deferential and passive, is it any wonder that many of our graduates are unemployable?

Rapists need prisons not marriage

Rapists should be made to pay for their crimes instead of being dealt a get-out-of-jail card via the opportunity to marry their victims.

Eradicating child abuse begins with us

Children are not objects to be customised to fit in with our financial, mental and emotional needs. It is us who must adjust ourselves to fit them.

The ineffectiveness of moral policing

The more we blame outside influences for the debauched behaviour in our country, the further we will be from realising that we, and only we are to blame.

A tribute to my mother this International Women’s Day

Gayatri pays tribute to her mother and all other strong, courageous and capable women who continue to be 'bold for change'.

Baby dumping: Are we all to blame?

Rather than be judgmental every time a newborn is dumped or murdered, why not arrest the issue of unwanted pregnancies with pro-active approaches instead?

Parenting licenses: An evil but essential necessity

With the spate of tragedies involving children, parents should be made to sit for and pass an exam before being allowed to bring a child into this world.

Special rights for sex offenders

It is mind-boggling how the authorities are going the extra mile to make convicted sex offenders feel right at home in good old Malaysia.

Motherhood is not an on-off switch

The role of mother does not abruptly end as soon as one picks up her briefcase because contrary to what some may think, you cannot swap one role for the other.

Common sense before curriculum

Before we embark on an education programme for kids aged zero to three years, we should fix our existing education system that is riddled with flaws.