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DAP cannot interfere in MB issue

DAP's status is in limbo because of its dispute with the RoS and until that is resolved the party has no legal right to make any decision on the Menteri Besar issue.

Sultan has moral obligation to intervene

The Penang Malay Congress says the Selangor political crisis is hurting the administration of the state.

Archived: Only the rich getting projects in Langkawi

Former Matta chairman for Kedah says local community and SMEs should be given opportunities to grow in Langkawi.

Two wrongs don’t make a right

The reasons to replace Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim with Anwar Ibrahim's wife are vague, at best.

Decide on Khalid quickly, PKR told

Ex-assemblyman Jason Ong worries that the public may see the party as lacking in professionalism.

‘Penang Malays are not blind or deaf’

Malay leaders in Penang must look into the problems affecting their community.

Ku Li to Umno: Wake up or be wasted

Tengku Razaleigh said if they do not recognise the subtle warnings from the people, the party and their allies might be in trouble by the time the 14th general election arrives.

‘Fighting for rights does not mean racist’

Penang Opposition Leader says Pakatan Rakyat has yet to understand the plight of the Malays in Penang and this has worsen the situation.

Dyana may not get the Malay votes

The Penang Malay Congress says this is because the DAP is not looked upon favourably by many Malays for its opposition to the hudud penal code

PAS told to leave Pakatan

A former DAP leader tells PAS to abandon the opposition coalition since DAP does not agree to the hudud enactment.

Archived: ‘Review MCA’s position in BN’

PMC tells PM to review MCA's status in the BN after the Chinese based component party decided to pull out of the Bukit Gelugor parliamentary seat by-election.

MH370 re-routes vision 2020

The Penang Malay Congress says Malaysia must shed its incompetency and corrupt culture of seating political appointees in GLCs

Kajang: The country is watching

Voters urged to vote wisely and choose a candidate who is honest and can best serve the people.

Archived: Second Penang Bridge chalks up several firsts

To be opened by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak tonight, the longest bridge in Southeast-Asia boasts of several engineering feats

‘Don’t vote for seasonal politicians’

An independent candidate is better than a 'seasonal' politician, advises ex-Kedah Kita chairman.

Kelantan Umno: Party needs to change

State Information chief Md Alwi Che Ahmad says the party must embrace a decisive mode of leadership in times of political and economic uncertainties

‘Kelantan still under Nik Aziz’s shadow’

Menteri Besar Ahmad Yackob is struggling to cope with the legacy left behind by the longtime former MB, alleges Umno's Md Alwi Che Ahmad

Return to save nation, expats told

Now is the time to lure back our talented Malaysians from abroad because of uncertainty in Europe and the US.

Ex-reps back Anwar’s move

Two former assemblymen say it's right for him to contest in Kajang, even if his goal is the MB's seat

Archived: Guan Eng moves to stem possible racial strife

Following the kangkung flashmob and rowdy outbreaks, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng calls an emergency session to address the issue.

Kedah to work closely with MACC

Mukhriz suggests that he is willing to have his powers as mentri besar 'cut', to ensure the state is corruption free.

‘Allah issue exploited’

"Kalimah Allah" should be discussed substantially by the intellectual and religious community from among the leading figures of Christianity and Islam

Archived: ‘Two sides to buying a Mercedes for Guan Eng’

Buying a Merc in times of escalting costs frowned upon.

DAP veteran: Both polls against RoS rules

DAP veteran Zulkifli Mohd Noor is not afraid of being expelled from the party for speaking out on the discrepancies in the party polls in December.