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Peguam: Fatwa hanya ‘pendapat ilmiah’, tidak boleh dicabar dari sudut undang-undang

SIS memohon untuk mengetepikan fatwa Mais pada 2014 yang menyebut bahawa kumpulan itu mengikut fahaman liberalisme dan pluralisme agama serta menyeleweng daripada ajaran Islam.

Fatwas only ‘scholarly opinion’, cannot be legally challenged, court told

Mais lawyer says fatwas do not fall under the jurisdiction of the state administration.

Case is clear, lawyer Shafee has to answer contempt charges, court...

The Attorney-General’s Chambers argues it has laid out a clear case against lawyer Shafee Abdullah over his remarks that ‘undermined the administration of justice’.

Khairuddin accepts Election Court decision, will continue to serve Jasin

Khairuddin Abu Hassan said losing the election petition challenging Umno’s victory on May 9, 2018 won’t stop him from serving the people.

Election Court rules Umno gets to keep Jasin parliamentary seat

Election Court dismisses challenge of Amanah’s Khairuddin Abu Hassan and affirms the victory of three-term Jasin MP Ahmad Hamzah.

Lawyers split over delay of jail term for man who smashed...

One says it is irregular to seek a halt to a custodial sentence while another says there is nothing unusual about it.

Penyanyi mengaku tak bersalah simpan beruang matahari

Zarith Sofia dituduh menyimpan hidupan liar tanpa permit dan dalam keadaan memudaratkan haiwan

Singer claims trial to keeping sun bear without permit

Zarith Sofia Mohd Yasin is also accused of keeping the animal in a situation that is not conducive to its well-being.

Altantuya’s family still seeking 2006 evidence for RM100 mil suit

They need the original exhibits and evidence in their lawsuit against the government and three others.

Don’t use sugar tax to simply raise prices, says consumer group

But Muslim restaurant owners want the tax to be delayed because of the soft economy.

Nursing home not end of a person’s life, says aged care...

Carol Yip says residents can enjoy their time if these homes have proper facilities and activities.

Remove ouster clauses that interfere with judges’ powers, say lawyers

Two lawyers say ouster clauses are no longer valid following two Federal Court decisions that no act of Parliament can remove the power of the courts to inquire into decisions of public authorities.

I used the derogatory word against Waytha ‘in passing’, says right...

Azwanddin Hamzah says he used the word as he was instigated by the crowd at the Dec 26 gathering for late fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

Court yes to publish notice inviting ownership contest of items seized...

DPP gets order to be allowed to publish a gazette summoning interested parties to come forward and stake their claim to the hundreds of items seized from Najib Razak and 15 others.

Kerajaan tarik balik larangan perjalanan terhadap bekas peguam negara

Jabatan Imigresen memaklumkan keputusan itu dalam surat bertarikh 8 Mei.

Govt lifts travel ban on ex-AG Apandi

His lawyer says he was informed of the decision in a letter dated May 8.

Mahkamah batal waran tangkap bekas ketua perisik

Waran tangkap itu dibatalkan selepas Hasanah Abdul Hamid membuat permohonan maaf sepenuhnya kepada mahkamah.

Court cancels arrest warrant for ex-intel chief

The judge says this is in light of her unreserved apology to the court.

Mohon ikat jamin jika ada alasan kukuh, kata peguam selepas Samirah...

M Visvanathan dan Sreekant Pillai mengalu-alukan keputusan Mahkamah Persekutuan memberi ikat jamin kepada Samirah Muzaffar.

Go for it, lawyers tell those with strong grounds after Samirah...

They say the Federal Court rightly interpreted the provision that youth, women and sick or infirm people can be granted bail for a capital offence.

Balu CEO Cradle Fund dibenar ikat jamin RM500,000

Mahkamah membenarkan ikat jamin untuk Samirah Muzaffar, mengatakan Mahkamah Tinggi tersilap kerana menolak permohonannya.

Court allows RM500,000 bail for Samirah in Cradle Fund CEO murder...

Apex court grants bail for Samirah Muzaffar, saying High Court erred in rejecting her application.

Kenyataan Shafee hanyalah ‘cakap dabik dada’, kata peguam

Shafee didakwa membuat kenyataan menghina mahkamah di luar Mahkamah Tinggi pada 7 Februari.

Shafee’s remarks ‘just a chest-thumping statement’, lawyer tells court

Counsel says judge hearing Najib Razak's SRC International corruption trial would not have been influenced by lawyer's 'victory' boast.