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James Sivalingam


Kadir: No immunity from public scrutiny for wrongdoers

There will be no respite until culprits are brought to justice, and even after, says former editor.

Santiago finds fault in Anifah’s TPPA defence

'Carve-outs' from the agreement will not necessarily contribute to GDP growth, says the Klang MP

Wong Chen busts ‘myths’ of TPPA’s economic gain

PKR lawmaker insists macroeconomic gains from TPPA are insignificant, and the agreement is motivated by political and geopolitical considerations.

DAP’s outreach to people of all races, religions evident

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang says it is clear that negative perceptions towards the party can be changed through direct contact and information campaigns.

1MDB: No ‘difference’ in disputed Bandar M’sia figures

The only difference is whether 1MDB receives the amount in full, then pays for the costs OR whether the Consortium pays for its share of the costs and remits the balance of RM5.3 billion to 1MDB.

Kit Siang: Explain ‘boo-boo’ on M’sia in text books

The DAP leader wants Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid to present a White Paper on history texts in Parliament when it meets in March.

Civil servant to face music for criticising PM and wife?

Photo of show cause letter issued to Kemas employee who asked the premier and his wife to come to their senses is being circulated on social media.

Pua: 1MDB can’t ‘fool’ people all the time

The lawmaker advises 1MDB once again to release the S&P Agreement on Bandar Malaysia so the people can decide.

Bandar Malaysia ‘value’ subject to talks during ‘completion period’

CREC statement to HKEx based on certain assumptions given their share of the project and not the land valuation which is the starting point of any negotiations.

Kids’ exposure to electronic devices unhealthy

Malaysian Paediatric Association says it is up to adults to lead by example by not being glued to their electronic devices.

Ahmad Maslan ‘regrets’ negative spin on 2-job idea

Deputy minister laments his messages are habitually taken out of context and as a man who grew up in poverty, would never make suggestions that burdened the rakyat.

Zam: Penang Gov’t has ‘winning’ ways with the people

In all the years the Gerakan-led Barisan Nasional (BN) Government ruled Penang, it never embarked on initiatives to get close to the people.

Kit Siang: MACC should explain ‘Name and Shame’ website

The over 700 names on the MACC's “Name and Shame” website is not the reason Malaysia was named the 3rd most corrupt in the world.

Kit Siang: Najib should not continue to run and hide

The twin mega scandals remain very much alive and Malaysians expect Najib to address them and not to continue to run and hide.

DAP to sue over ‘Israeli’ base in M’sia allegation

DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang says that allegations about his party’s so-called ties with Israel was another example of “political desperation” in the country.

Kit Siang: Najib’s upbeat New Year message fools no one

DAP veteran wonders why the Prime Minister made the claim in his New Year message that the 1MDB scandal had finally been put to rest.

Pua vows to expose ‘wrongdoing’ at 1MDB

Despite tonnes of evidence-backed allegations against 1MDB, the company has shown no hard evidence to prove its innocence.

Kit Siang: M’sia must get out of the rut

The DAP veteran calls for the resolution of the Najib government’s scandals as a starting point for the re-alignment of progressive political forces in Malaysia.

1MDB says WSJ noticeboard for conspiracy theories

The company claims that the Wall Street Journal appears happy to have become a noticeboard for conspiracy theories and smears propagated by the Opposition.

Kit Siang: Gov’t should stop ‘clowning’ around

Instead of Ministers and Deputy Ministers doubling up as comedians, the government should help increase the people's productivity and incomes.

Archived: PKR wants full details on privatization burden

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi appears more interested in pinning blame on others instead of doing something proactive to find a solution on the rising cost of living.

Kit Siang: Who are the other ‘God-fearing’ ministers?

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Paul Low should explain his Christmas Day speech on the Cabinet led by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Kadir: Abu Kassim’s pledge may be ‘a ruse’

Kadir Jasin thinks one should never lose hope but still has his doubts on the MACC chief's pledge on the twin mega scandals and the SRC International case.

Unleashing the power of pets for a more positive life

Local group believes animal companions have a therapeutic effect on elderly and physically disabled persons.