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Conservationist and zoology icon Lim Boo Liat dies at 94

He revived the nature society in 1948, and in his six decades of research published more than 300 papers on small mammals, reptiles and amphibian ecology.

Lebih ramai pesakit masalah buah pinggang pilih dialisis di rumah ketika...

Berita baik bagi Kementerian Kesihatan yang mengalakkan pilihan itu.

Pembuat sarung tangan WRP janji bayar balik yuran ambil pekerja

Setiap pekerja dijangka menerima bayaran antara RM4,547 hingga RM16,054 dalam 30 bulan berikutnya.

Glovemaker WRP to reimburse recruitment fee paid by workers

Each worker is expected to receive between RM4,500 and RM16,000 over the next 30 months under the programme.

Bosses must follow new housing standards for workers, minister says

Human Resources Minister M Saravanan says amendments to Act 446 were passed in Parliament a year ago.

Country’s economy, image at stake in MM2H freeze, say consultants

The programme has brought in RM40.6 billion in 18 years.

Menteri dalam negeri tepis laporan antarabangsa berhubung PATI

Hamzah Zainudin berkata rakyat bersetuju dengan dasar kerajaan berhubung pendatang tanpa izin.

APMM terima 2 kapal peronda baru RM400 juta

KM Kota Kinabalu dan KM Tok Bali akan membantu mencegah pencerobohan bot nelayan asing di perairan negara.

Home minister shrugs off foreign media reports on undocumented migrants

Hamzah Zainudin says Malaysians agree with the government's policies on illegal immigrants.

Maritime agency receives 2 new vessels in RM400 million order

The KM Kota Kinabalu and KM Tok Bali will be used to help prevent the encroachment of foreign fishing vessels in the country's waters.

MM2H consultants bewildered over rejected applications

They estimate that Malaysia has lost RM776 million from the latest batch of rejections.

Get kids back to normal routine, expert says as long break...

Consultant paediatrician urges parents to get their children back to their regular habits by reminding them that school will soon restart and they will be able to see their friends again.

Long school break may leave kids depressed, warn experts

While children may not be clinically depressed, many have had a hard time coming to terms with not being able to meet their friends in school, they say.

Singaporean teen in tears after being denied entry at JB immigration

He decided to return to his family, who are participants of the Malaysia My Second Home programme, but is told to return after undergoing a Covid-19 test.

Explain, don’t just tell kids about SOPs, say kindy operators

This, coupled with constant reminders, will help ensure that centres stay free from Covid-19 after reopening next week, they say.

Entertainers brace for tough balancing act under RMCO

They say it will be difficult to stay in the black while observing the SOPs set out to curb the spread of Covid-19.

NGO beri amaran SOP pra-sekolah, tadika mungkin bertahan beberapa minit

Pusat Galen untuk Dasar Kesihatan dan Sosial berkata penjarakkan sosial dan peraturan lain akan dilupakan pada hari pertama.

Preschool, kindy SOPs may last only minutes, warns NGO

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy says social distancing and other rules will be forgotten by the first day of school.

Lelaki Nepal ‘mati’ di lokap Jinjang masih hidup, kata kedutaan

Siasatan oleh Kedutaan Nepal di KL menunjukkan Dhan Bahdur – yang pernah bekerja di Malaysia – masih hidup dan sihat di Nepal.

Nepali who ‘died’ in Jinjang police lock-up still alive, says embassy

Police thought it was Dhan Bahdur based on a photocopy of a passport with that name in his possession.

Freedom offered under RMCO can be withdrawn if abused, warns Ismail...

The senior minister advises people to practise self-discipline and ensure social distancing anywhere they go.

Pelajar sukar amal jarak sosial jika sekolah rendah dibuka, kata guru

Sifat suka bermain dan jangka perhatian pendek pelajar sekolah rendah menjadikannya 'mustahil' untuk melaksanakan penjarakan sosial.

Tough to keep kids apart when primary schools reopen, say teachers

Schools should pay special attention to pupils in Primary 1 to 3, as they will not be as aware of the importance of social distancing.

Restriction on number of visitors to 20 still applies, says Ismail...

This will also apply for the Hari Raya Aidiladha celebrations next month.