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NGO: EssCom not here to help illegals grab land

EssCom should comply with their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Terms of Reference (TOR) and not get involved in protests staged by the Orang Asal defending their land.

Lawmaker wants term ‘Sabah Native’ to be further refined

Bugis, Pakistanis and the rest who are not Natives cannot be allowed to claim NCR no matter how long they have stayed in Sabah.

Sabah activist wants ‘Lain-Lain’ term retained

Momogun National Congress (MNC) President Henrynus Amin also wonders how the Orang Asal in Sabah would be classified in official forms after the term Dayak is used in Sarawak.

Sabah may widen barter trade ban

Although there are no apparent security threats caused by Indonesian ships, they too are linked with smuggling activities.

Musa: Sabah Gov’t advised plantations to return NCR land

The uses for Native titles must be restricted to prevent such land falling into the hands of outsiders including plantation companies on the lookout for such property.

Mositun: Sabah closer to resolving fake MyKad issue

PBS defends record on raising "fraudulent" MyKad issue and warns that this was not the time to blink.

Sapp warns MyKads not for ‘wayang kulit’

The opposition fears that PBS President Joseph Pairin Kitingan may have failed to persuade the Federal Government to re-issue all MyKads in Sabah.

Blue skies return to KK as rain comes

Two consecutive days of drenching rain brought relief to the haze-hit and water-short Sabah capital reeling from the effects of forest fires and a dry spell along the west coast.

Yong: New security measures will hit Sabah economy

The economic effects of the stoppage of the barter trade will spawn new social and security problems in a few months’ time.

Expert: GST in Sabah, S’wak breach of MA63

The Federal sales tax cannot take priority over the state sales tax, cannot be imposed without the sanction of the Sabah and Sarawak assemblies, and risks a breach of MA63.

Arsonists behind raging forest fires in Sabah

The Sabah Forestry Department alleged that certain NGOs encouraged individuals to set the forest on fire after their applications for land were not approved.

PBS throws ‘cold water’ on Citizens’ Declaration

The people with Mahathir want to install their own administration so that they can control and continue to exploit the resources and the people like before.

Masidi: Sabah risks losing tourists if filth mars beauty

Tourists come for a clean and healthy environment and can’t stand seeing garbage all over the place and being bothered by flies.

Sabah Gov’t gets ‘Roll of Honour’ book on WWII

The Roll, documented after eight years of lonely research, includes all the details on the 641 soldiers who perished in North Borneo during World War II.

Upko wants full autonomy, history texts revised

The facts on the formation of Malaysia must be taught in schools, institutions of higher learning, and incorporated in nation-building courses as well as government courses.

DAP, PBS want Sabah ICs, not re-issue Native Certs

The relevant authorities can confiscate the forged Native Certificates when the holders apply for anything that they are not entitled to obtain.

Sabah urgently needs foreign workers, not Bangladeshis

Indonesian workers in Sabah are more productive, managing eight hectares per person compared with only three hectares back home.

Rahman: Struggle for Sabah rights not one-man show

Anifah Aman, Maximus Jonity Ongkili, Wilfred Madius Tangau, and Rahman have spoken up in the Federal Cabinet on Sabah rights.

Bouquets for Sabah department on English Speaking Day

Students who studied abroad speak English very well because they were immersed in an environment where they spoke the language all the time.

Sabah, S’wak urge Putrajaya to rethink Bangladeshi workers

The database for the Sarawak Labour Department shows that 148 valid licences have been issued in the state to engage workers from Bangladesh.

Masidi: Not too late for Sabah to catch up on English

Some of the policies in the past may have been questionable but the Sabah Minister draws a line at looking for scapegoats or blaming what happened in the past.

Arsani: Review ban on seafood for S’wak, peninsula

The livelihood of those operating some 1,200 fishing boats is at stake as they face bankruptcy and unemployment if the ban on exports to Sarawak and the peninsula continues.

Liew: Nazri stole show from Masidi on Batu Sumpah

Nazri said on Friday that the process of gazetting the historic item, the original plaque, must begin with the relocation of Batu Sumpah.

DAP Sabah wants illegals to replace Bangladeshis

Bringing the illegals from Sabah to the peninsula provides the mechanism to regularize and legalize their presence in the country.