Jojo Struys

Jojo Struys
Jojo Struys is a regional TV host, speaker and wellness personality. She is also the founder of OhanaJo Studio, Malaysia’s largest yoga and sound healing space (

Lessons from a peaceful monk in chaotic Hong Kong

Monk reminds Jojo Struys to always be connected to your breathing and that well of strength from within.

How to manage fear before it manages you

When you allow fear to rule, you are no longer in the driver’s seat, or in control of your own mind so don't let fear get the better of you.

Missing what life was like before Covid-19

During this sad and shocking pandemic, we must find it in ourselves to accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.

How to be present in the face of uncertainty

When there's chaos all around you, that's when you need to get grounded and learn the value of living in the moment.

Finding gratitude amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

It isn't all doom and gloom if you take the time to think about all the small but highly important things to be grateful for in your life.

How to have a power morning

Getting out of bed and making the best of your morning will ensure that you will feel energetic for the rest of the day.

Do you have the qualities you’re looking for in a partner?

When you judge the world, you need to check the state of your inner world first. Everything 'out there' is within the self. Everything begins with you.

The power of your mind

If you can deal with yourself and your own thoughts, you can deal with anything.

Don’t wait, act on your dreams now

Your happiness and doing things that make you feel alive should be of the utmost importance.

Take charge by creating time to do what you love

What is the richest point of return in your life if you divide up how you spend your time every day?

The real meaning of being ‘rich’

Being rich is not just about making material wealth because one can also be rich in time, health or happiness.

Making decisions that ‘push’ or ‘pull’ you

It’s worth spending some deep quality time alone and digging a bit deeper to find out what really rocks your world.

Taking a step back in time in beautiful Nepal

Home to the tallest mountain on Earth, Nepal is culturally diverse with friendly people and breathtaking sights aplenty.

Why sleep deprivation is dangerous

Chronic insomnia means whatever deep-seated fears you are not dealing with in your waking hours are affecting your sleep.

The meaning of ‘namaste’

The common greeting 'namaste' goes way beyond folded palms and a nod of the head .

Don’t let your kids get addicted to technology

A child needs to grow up with real human interactions that are not based on swiping gestures off a computer screen.

Does success lead to happiness?

Happiness and a positive mindset begins with you, and once you have the ability to harness it, other gifts will flow your way, including success.

When anger strikes, breathe

Doing a breathing exercise once anger arises can bring about a more positive, relaxed frame of mind.

Start super small to make big changes in your life

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine so if you want to change your life, change something you do daily first.

How to reverse bad luck with a positive attitude

There’s grace in letting go of things you cannot control, and immeasurable positivity from focusing on your many blessings.

Dramatic changes can transform your life

Life is too short to not be following your heart or chasing your dreams.

Can’t lose weight? Try talking to your subconscious mind

Whatever you plant in your subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.

What to do when sleep won’t come

Lack of sleep is can be the result of major events or traumas, work stress, financial worries and anxious thoughts.

Why it’s empowering to say ‘no’

In business, time is money, as they say and sometimes saying “no” is essential to respecting your own time and space.