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K. Anand


Making football great again with 2 memorable finals

Arsenal and Real Madrid both achieved record-breaking feats, but the winner over the past two weeks has been the beautiful game.

Beauty and the Beast, not the first, definitely not the last

Controversy over a 'gay moment' in Disney movie brings to mind other movies for which the censorship board's actions received unwanted global attention.

When saying nothing is best

It's time social media users learn from the mistakes of others.

Possible MH370 part found on South African beach

Malaysian official communicates with forum members and advises on how to handle the aircraft part and to contact the South African civil aviation authorities.

Minister steps in to stop Mara defence leak more ‘own goals’

Ismail Sabri's suspension of Mara sponsorship of Kelantan FA, a major U-turn after earlier denial by Mara chairman Annuar Musa on such use of funds.

Bersih 5, just like any other sequel

The rally will do nothing to benefit the federal opposition in the next general election, and may even do more harm to its chances of taking over Putrajaya.

How to re-form a party without really trying

Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia's line-up of leaders doesn't give much credibility to its claim of being a reformist party.

The poor state of football in Malaysia, Singapore

Goalless draw by two long-time rivals on Friday continues to reflect the lack of improvement in the game by both national sides, despite pro-leagues in place.

Redha wakili Malaysia ke Anugerah Oscar

Finas memilih filem Redha wakili negara sebagai calon kategori Filem Bahasa Asing Terbaik pada Anugerah Akademi ke-89 di Hollywood.

Redha is Malaysia’s pick for Oscars

Finas chooses Redha to represent the country for consideration in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 89th Academy Awards.

Chong Wei akhiri kempen Olimpik dengan pingat perak

Malaysia akhiri Rio 2016 dengan rekod pingat baharu dan aksi badminton terbaik dengan tiga pingat perak

Chong Wei ends Olympic campaign with a silver

Malaysia's best finish ever at Olympic Games sees badminton contributing a record three silver medals.

Another badminton silver adds to record Olympic haul

Goh V Shem, Tan Wee Kiong hold heads high despite 21-16, 11-21, 21-23 loss to China's Fu Haifeng, Zhang Na.

Malaysian joy, tears as Chong Wei gets shot at gold medal

World number one Lee Chong Wei beats Lin Dan 15-21, 21-11, 22-20, in one of the most closely-fought encounters between the two for the all-important final berth.

A welcome surprise, zero fees on remittance

A whole day of not having to pay to transfer money overseas is a deal worth celebrating.