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A. Kathirasen

A. Kathirasen
A Kathirasen has spent 42 years in journalism typing under the illusion that people actually read his writings.

PH’s greatest achievement, one year on

Have you seen baton charges and water cannons being used against protesters who want to voice their grievances?

The Rome Statute and the deeply disturbing ‘deep state’ disclosure

The existence of a clandestine 'deep state', as mentioned by Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah in explaining Putrajaya's decision to withdraw from the Rome Statute, is worrying.

If Karpal Singh were alive, he’d have whacked PH

Those who knew the Tiger of Jelutong will be very happy that he has been acquitted of a sedition charge, for Karpal Singh was a patriot, a true son of the soil.

The trials and triumphs of GE14, as seen by Kee Thuan...

Kee's book ‘The People’s Victory’ tells the story of how the people, frustrated with the BN government, rose up to take their destiny in their hands on May 9, 2018.

Christchurch shooting: Our tragedy, our failure

We pride ourselves on being civilised, yet the biggest tragedy is that we are not civilised enough to stop killing each other over race and religion.

Malaysian agenda vs Malay agenda: The battle begins

With the Umno-PAS alliance clearly stating it will fight for the good of the Muslims, the stage is set for a political struggle between a coalition promoting a Malay agenda and another that is embracing a Malaysian outlook.

Not all past teachers good, not all present teachers bad

Although many older people tend to think that teachers of the past had more commitment and passion, there were also some poor excuses for teachers then, just as there are some excellent teachers today.

Change the teachers to improve the education system

Most people say that teachers in the past were full of passion and dedication and that they genuinely cared for their students but that today’s teachers are a different lot altogether.

Nik Abduh’s lie and the alarming attitude that can sink the...

By being tolerant of the lies and half-truths of politicians, many have accepted the stand that anything is okay as long as it furthers the party’s or group’s cause or goal.

Najib trial off, but Adib inquest on

We’ll have to wait longer to learn the truth about the alleged crimes of Najib Razak in relation to SRC International, but at least the inquest into fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim has begun as scheduled.

Hadi’s Chinese New Year gift to Pakatan Harapan

Hadi Awang’s withdrawal of the suit against Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown raises a lot of questions and will serve as fodder in the coming Semenyih by-election.

We are a success at poverty eradication, but just don’t tell...

Proper implementation and monitoring, plus a sincere pursuit without politics in mind, will go a long way in ensuring more people are helped out of the cycle of poverty.

Dancing with lawyers: Richard and Tommy do the twist

Although Chief Justice Richard Malanjum and Attorney-General Tommy Thomas did not burn up the dance floor at the Sabah and Sarawak legal fratenity’s gala dinner, their twists have led to a burning debate.

Time to help the first Malaysians

With the Cameron Highlands by-election showing the importance of the Orang Asli as voters, it is only right for the government to implement effective programmes to uplift the community, including granting them land rights.

A court case reveals Umno’s past and PPBM’s possible future

A recent cheating case involving a former state Umno Youth leader who received a RM1 million kickback shows how trading takes place in the political marketplace.

2019 will see the rise of more Beautiful Malaysians

I expect an increase in the chorus of Malaysian voices speaking out against injustice, racists and politicians who use religion to gain support, even as racial rhetoric rises.

And the Malaysian of the Year 2018 is…

Several outstanding individuals, political parties and even an investment fund that featured prominently in shaping pivotal events in the nation in 2018 can be considered for the title of Malaysian of the Year.

Umno is not directionless, Dr Mahathir is guiding it

Umno is breaking up partly due to Ahmad Zahid Hamidi being directionless and largely due to Dr Mahathir Mohamad steering it in the direction he has charted.

The message in the Dec 8 rally for no reason

Politicians will continue harping on Malay fears until the standard of the Malay community is improved and they are confident in themselves and their abilities.

Dislocated estate workers and the problem of temple relocation

It is time to realise that when we displace estate workers, the Orang Asli or Sarawak natives in the name of development and profits, we are destroying the only universe they know.