Kathirgugan Kathirasen

Kathirgugan Kathirasen
Kathirgugan Kathirasen, who is part of a Silicon Valley start-up, helped build the world’s first salad-making robot. He writes on science and technological issues.

4 ways to avoid a Covid-19 ventilator crisis

If Malaysia is to prevent the dire situation Italy and the US find themselves in, it has to take urgent steps to procure them.

3 predictions for a world after Covid-19

The world will never be the same again. Covid-19 has made sure of it. Here are three key predictions on how the world will look once the global carnage is over.

Get private hospitals to help combat Covid-19 – now

Only government hospitals are treating Covid-19 patients and they will soon be overwhelmed. We need private hospitals to do their duty

How will the world look like post-Covid-19?

Diseases shape history just as much, if not more, than wars and world leaders.

How China is winning the war against Covid-19

China has no privacy laws and this means the government can use the enormous amount of personal data to its benefit.

Ditch the cow

Warning: You may never eat beef again after reading this.

Got milk? No thanks

More data is upending the long-held view that milk is incredibly healthy.

Doing away with teachers, well, something like that

China and America are already using artificial intelligence in education, it’s about time we use it too.

Science’s solution to a broken school system?

Inconsistency is plaguing our national school system. An unrelated field may just offer a solution.

Coronavirus – how worried should you be?

The new Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in China and causing widespread global panic, but is the fear justified? Let’s look at the science behind it.

Ban on plastic straws is a distraction

The ban won’t solve the problem of plastic pollution but these 5 measures might just do the trick.

The prickly problem of plastic pollution

It's only been half-century or so since plastic took off and we've already produced 8.3 billion tonnes worldwide, which is equivalent to the weight of more than 13,468 Petronas Twin Towers.

Call in the robots, let’s not wait for the haze

The government needs to be proactive to protect us from the annual haze that causes illness and millions of ringgit in losses, and it can do so by equipping our firefighters with robots and other technology that’s now available.

O flying car! Where art thou?

Flying cars conjure up images of a fantastical future, and it's something we're accustomed to seeing or reading in sci-fi movies and novels. But do flying cars make sense?

Of space drones, self-driving cars and fake meat

Technology offers the promise of exciting developments in 2020 in Malaysia and elsewhere, including space.

Time to make agriculture sexy

Here's how to bring back glamour - and profit - to an industry shunned by young Malaysians.

Malaysia as a manufacturing marvel

High-value manufacturing that emphasises on robotics, artificial intelligence and automation is the way of the future.