Kathirgugan Kathirasen

Kathirgugan Kathirasen
Kathirgugan Kathirasen, who is part of a Silicon Valley start-up, helped build the world’s first salad-making robot. He writes on science and technological issues.

Let’s look to the stars, launch a rocket from Malaysia

The 51st anniversary of the historic Apollo moon landing is fast approaching and we should take this opportunity to generate interest in space science.

Covid-19 puts meat on the chopping block

Many blame Chinese wet markets for the emergence of Covid-19 but they are unaware that the real culprit lies on the plate right in front of them.

Race: fact or fiction? Science holds the answer

Before we try to eradicate racism, we need to understand its roots and the science behind it.

Of George Floyd, racism and hypocrisy

The murder of George Floyd has brought the ugliness of racism to the forefront. I see many Malaysians rightly condemning it, but while doing so, we should be mindful of racial issues right here on home soil and seek to remedy it.

Death by Facebook

The alleged suicide of 20-year-old Thivyaanayagi Rajendran due to social media bullying brings to light one of the most pressing problems of our all-pervasive, ever-connected internet age.

Time to be self-sufficient in food and medicine, or suffer

Covid-19 has taught us to consider the production of essential goods as a national security issue and localise their production as fully as possible.

Beware, a new Cold War approaches

Covid-19 could go down in history as the beginning of the Second Cold War, this time with the US and China as the lead players.

Covid-19 and the world of 2035

What will the world look like 15 years from now following the societal tectonic shifts caused by Covid-19?

Big tech becoming Big Brother

Google, Facebook and Twitter are often hailed as platforms for free speech. Are they?

Tips to stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic

Ailments that come with old age impair the immune system and make it especially vulnerable to Covid-19.

Freedom, the first casualty in Covid-19 war

People the world over have given a clear sign to their governments that they will happily barter their freedom for a perception of safety, and this is alarming.

Has the world overreacted to Covid-19?

Latest data suggests that Covid-19 may be a lot less fatal than people have been led to believe.

Why Sweden’s trend-bucking Covid-19 battle plan makes sense

Realising that a lockdown will play havoc with its economy and result in more deaths down the road, the country is using a different strategy in the war against the virus.

Covid-19 lockdown: A deal with the devil?

Four billion people are under some form of lockdown, and suffering tremendously because of it.

5 sectors raking in the money despite Covid-19

Although most of the world is suffering from the pandemic, the quality of 'antifragility' will carry some industries through the tough times.

Stuck at home? That’s no excuse to watch porn

Here's why you shouldn't help yourself to some pornography alongside your Netflix binges during the partial lockdown.

4 ways to avoid a Covid-19 ventilator crisis

If Malaysia is to prevent the dire situation Italy and the US find themselves in, it has to take urgent steps to procure them.

3 predictions for a world after Covid-19

The world will never be the same again. Covid-19 has made sure of it. Here are three key predictions on how the world will look once the global carnage is over.

Get private hospitals to help combat Covid-19 – now

Only government hospitals are treating Covid-19 patients and they will soon be overwhelmed. We need private hospitals to do their duty

How will the world look like post-Covid-19?

Diseases shape history just as much, if not more, than wars and world leaders.

How China is winning the war against Covid-19

China has no privacy laws and this means the government can use the enormous amount of personal data to its benefit.

Ditch the cow

Warning: You may never eat beef again after reading this.

Got milk? No thanks

More data is upending the long-held view that milk is incredibly healthy.

Doing away with teachers, well, something like that

China and America are already using artificial intelligence in education, it’s about time we use it too.