Kua Kia Soong


With govt resources stretched, private hospitals can play a role

Private hospitals which have reaped enormous profits at the best of times can take some of the burden off the public sector.

What the people expect of a ‘Cabinet that delivers’

The prime minister must tell the nation what his reform agenda is.

A fine mess you’ve gotten us into!

The only dignified exit from the political farce is to call for new elections.

A plague on both your coalitions!

Professed progressive politicians should leave both coalitions to help build the progressive Third Force.

NGOs are watchdogs, not lapdogs

Penang DAP assemblymen should thank the watchdog consultancy of Penang Forum as a free service to the aspirations of Penangites.

New education reforms or just Mahathir’s old obsession?

Instead of teaching Science and Maths in English, the better way is to increase the number of teaching periods for the language and begin from Year One.

Action must be taken against Malaysian ‘colonialists’ in Papua New Guinea

In the current climate crisis, it is time Malaysians show concern for the catastrophic destruction of the world’s rainforests.

PM should take over the home ministry, too

Any home minister with integrity would ensure justice in tragic cases and demonstrate intent to clean up the police and rebuild a modicum of public trust.

So, who has been wiretapping the prime minister?

The wiretapping of the Malaysian PM would certainly involve the so-called 'deep state' that PH leaders have alluded to or blamed in the past.

Soleimani’s assassination is Trump’s way to provoke a war

Whatever Soleimani's crimes were, the United States has no legal or moral right to take such unilateral action.

Is Dr M the only person capable of hosting Apec?

By saying he will step down only after the Apec summit, is the prime minister implying that Anwar Ibrahim is incapable of hosting the event?

Police partiality and the ‘deep state’

Action to stop Dong Zong congress shows lack of impartiality in guaranteeing the right to freedom of assembly and expression.

Ops Lalang and Dong Jiao Zong’s khat controversy

Our leaders must think of the consequences for democracy if they allow a reprise of the 1987 operation.

Education report card: We can do much better!

Education must be secular, free and fair. Is the minister living under a delusional bubble when claiming that problems about PTPTN and UEC have been solved?

Malaysia’s crisis of credibility, cronyism and the climate

Suaram's first full year report card on the PH government's human rights record does not make good reading.

To be at peace with ourselves, reclaim truth and justice

To be at peace with itself in 2020, our nation has to bring to closure some vexatious unfinished business.

Chin Peng’s ashes and the Hitler salute

Chin Peng was centrally involved with the Japanese fascists who were in the Axis with Hitler’s Germany, yet people are more riled up about the former CPM leader.

For democracy’s sake, step aside when charged

Stepping down from office while being charged is a critical ethical decision for members of the government.

Where were you when the country was being robbed, Anwar?

Anwar Ibrahim should be more cautious when picking quarrels with Malaysian human rights defenders such as Lim Teck Ghee.

LTTE crackdown and rule of law under ‘New Malaysia’

There must be due process and the right to a fair trial for individuals suspected of terrorist activity.

PAS-Umno alliance: Who’s to blame?

Pakatan Harapan also has to bear responsibility for driving PAS into the arms of Umno.

Our squandered oil fund could have been our pension fund

Since the 70s, the profligate spending of the New Economic Policy has been largely funded by the exploitation of offshore oil.

Papar Dam, another promise broken

Large dams cause imbalance to the natural hydrological and ecological system, apart from destroying the lives of the villagers.

After you Wan Azizah

The deputy prime minister should step aside to create a 'vacancy' for her husband Anwar Ibrahim