Kua Kia Soong


NGOs are watchdogs, not lapdogs

Penang DAP assemblymen should thank the watchdog consultancy of Penang Forum as a free service to the aspirations of Penangites.

New education reforms or just Mahathir’s old obsession?

Instead of teaching Science and Maths in English, the better way is to increase the number of teaching periods for the language and begin from Year One.

Action must be taken against Malaysian ‘colonialists’ in Papua New Guinea

In the current climate crisis, it is time Malaysians show concern for the catastrophic destruction of the world’s rainforests.

Soleimani’s assassination is Trump’s way to provoke a war

Whatever Soleimani's crimes were, the United States has no legal or moral right to take such unilateral action.

Is Dr M the only person capable of hosting Apec?

By saying he will step down only after the Apec summit, is the prime minister implying that Anwar Ibrahim is incapable of hosting the event?

Police partiality and the ‘deep state’

Action to stop Dong Zong congress shows lack of impartiality in guaranteeing the right to freedom of assembly and expression.

Chin Peng’s ashes and the Hitler salute

Chin Peng was centrally involved with the Japanese fascists who were in the Axis with Hitler’s Germany, yet people are more riled up about the former CPM leader.

Where were you when the country was being robbed, Anwar?

Anwar Ibrahim should be more cautious when picking quarrels with Malaysian human rights defenders such as Lim Teck Ghee.

LTTE crackdown and rule of law under ‘New Malaysia’

There must be due process and the right to a fair trial for individuals suspected of terrorist activity.

PAS-Umno alliance: Who’s to blame?

Pakatan Harapan also has to bear responsibility for driving PAS into the arms of Umno.

Our squandered oil fund could have been our pension fund

Since the 70s, the profligate spending of the New Economic Policy has been largely funded by the exploitation of offshore oil.

Papar Dam, another promise broken

Large dams cause imbalance to the natural hydrological and ecological system, apart from destroying the lives of the villagers.

After you Wan Azizah

The deputy prime minister should step aside to create a 'vacancy' for her husband Anwar Ibrahim

For democracy’s sake, take leave when charged in court

This is expected accountable democratic practice.

PH choosing to govern by procrastination

Governing a country in the 21st century by appointing advisers, committees or task forces is also costly and will bleed our national coffers even more.

Deconstructing Mahathir’s racist rage against Dong Zong

Keep in mind that Dong Zong has welcomed Malaysians of all ethnicity into Chinese schools all this while.

200 years of Chinese education worthy of national pride

This achievements by Chinese Malaysians have few, if any, comparisons in the world.

What PH MPs with integrity should do if Lynas stays

MPs who won the election based on their promise of an environment free from the long-term health hazards that the waste from a rare earths facility can bring should resign if they cannot deliver.

Will Anwar roll back Mahathir’s Bumiputera policies?

PM-in-waiting must tell Malaysians what he intends to do when or if he takes power.

IGP should focus on crime, not politics

The Malaysian public is less interested in the political struggles within PKR than the actual crime committed.

A reminder on what Lim Kit Siang said about Mahathir-era scandals

Lim Kit Siang has forgotten that Mahathir’s first stint as prime minister was marked by sensational financial scandals and the 1MDB scandal was possible because of the political system Mahathir had created.

Deaths in custody: Where is the outrage in ‘New Malaysia’?

The outrage that human rights defenders feel when deaths in custody happen with sickening regularity is still absent in the 'New Malaysia'.

Only elected local councils can prevent environmental scandals

Appointed local authorities are not accountable to their local communities and thus not motivated to act.

Will Wan Azizah move over for Anwar now?

The time is right for her to vacate her deputy prime minister post as a precursor for Anwar Ibrahim becoming the prime minister.