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Kua Kia Soong


‘Corruption’ in Pakatan’s political appointments

We have seen more and more cases of such political patronage and co-option of NGO activists into state institutions.

PSM can spearhead ‘third progressive force’ at Semenyih by-election

It is time for all who have hoped for real reforms in Malaysia to build a ‘third progressive force’ for a truly just, democratic and sustainable future.

Of fake degrees, fraud and corruption

Public officials who are prepared to obtain status through fake degrees cannot be trusted to be honest.

National Economic Action Council must review controversial projects

These include the third national car and the privatisation of Khazanah and other GLCs.

It’s time Dr M differentiates Jews from Zionists

Not all Jews support Zionism nor do they support Israel’s discriminatory and repressive actions against Palestinians.

The plight of our indigenous people

Pakatan Harapan has its work cut out for it if it truly wishes to address the plight of our Orang Asli.

We can’t have a referendum to undermine a human right

An opinion poll should not dictate government policy especially when it comes to human rights as it is an abrogation of government responsibility.

Information blind spots over Agong’s resignation

As nobody wants to talk about the facts leading to the resignation of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, all history and social science students can do is speculate.

Government should pour more funds into TAR UC

Haven’t these institutions been run in the same manner since they started in the 60s?

Hopes fade in the UEC recognition farce

The truth is that, through the years the UEC has become a political issue since Umno refuses to recognise the MICSS system because of their “Malay Agenda”, a policy that is holding back creative development of our human resources.

Never ending Bumi policy dashes hope for ‘New Malaysia’

In the process of announcing the continuation of this Never Ending Bumiputera Policy, the Dr Mahathir Mohamad tells Malays to stand without the ‘tongkat’ that the Government is going to continue to provide them.

Enough distractions, PH

The people are expecting real reforms, not never-ending race-based policies, flip-flops and tedious distractions.

When is it ever time for human rights in Malaysia?

With the failure to ratify the ICERD, bring back local government and redistribute wealth, among others, the time never seems to be ripe for realising human rights in Malaysia.

Malaysia truly racial, the triumph of fascism

Since there is no political will by the new government to ratify ICERD, it looks like we are stuck with the never-ending racially defined economic, social and cultural policies for some time yet.

Is Mahathir implying our constitution is discriminatory?

Malaysia's founding fathers signed a social contract without any racially discriminatory elements.

Public officials must declare assets, not just income

Making it mandatory for all public officials to declare their assets, including those of their spouses and children, is crucial to the campaign to prevent corruption in politics.

How long will it take to resolve statelessness?

If the PH government persists in using occasional Deepavali or pre-election gifts of citizenship we will have to wait at least a thousand years before we resolve the matter.

On affirmative action, Bumiputeras and Malay privileges

All Malaysians should be able to reclaim their inalienable rights and understand the transient nature of affirmative action.

11th Malaysia Plan review: What reformasi agenda?

Limiting the terms of office for the prime minister and chief ministers could have been announced during the 100 days and has little to do with the overall course of the 11MP.

Opportune time to seek justice for Altantuya

There is also no better time to reopen the Altantuya murder case since the previous Prime Minister Najib Razak has been daring the PH government to reopen it.

Public land belongs to the people, don’t sell it

The Pakatan Harapan government should not sell our national assets, especially public lands, but should rather reclaim public assets that have been privatised and reforest and re-gazette all forests that have been degazetted and privatised.

MPs should vacate seats when they quit their parties

Elected representatives switching parties after they have been elected under a particular party alignment undermines multi-party democracy.

A high-income country with RM1,050 minimum wage?

If the government does not undertake tough reforms that are in the overall interest of the country, this will be a long and possibly wrong road to God-knows-where.

10 areas where Anwar needs a reform plan

If Anwar Ibrahim cannot show the people that he has a plan that is different from the present prime minister's, they might as well allow Dr Mahathir Mohamad to finish his term.