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Kua Kia Soong


Decriminalise consensual sex between adults

For a society that claims Asian values are far superior to Western values, criminalising consensual sexual acts among the LGBT community is unacceptable.

AG’s credibility at stake over Guan Eng case

The ACG's decision to drop the corruption charges against Lim Guan Eng instead of letting him prove his innocence in court goes against Pakatan Harapan's anti-corruption manifesto.

Rahim Noor’s appointment: It’s getting curiouser and curiouser

Was Anwar Ibrahim's views sought prior to appointment of ex-IGP who once assaulted the former deputy PM?

Make CEP report public and axe OSA, please

The CEP should remember that it will be held culpable in Pakatan Harapan's recent decisions which are contradictory to its election pledges.

Brimming with ideas of wealth redistribution

The most important factor in discussions on cash handouts is the long-term dignity and empowerment of the people amid sustainable national development.

MCA should seize the moment for complete makeover

A few MCA leaders have been quite sharp with their criticisms of the new PH government but these ring hollow against the dismal record of their past performance.

To stop the brain drain, ensure a level-playing field

It’s time for affirmative action based on social and sectoral needs, not on race.

No privatisation of Khazanah, please

Doing so would take Malaysia back to the days of Mahathir-style crony capitalism.

Force public officials to declare all their assets

Fighting corruption and promoting good public governance must be the top priority of the new government.

Ops Lalang: Worst assault on civil society in recent history

Former ISA detainee says Dr Mahathir Mohamad must declare his sorrow for inflicting pain and suffering on victims of Operation Lalang, top-ranked judges and other democratic institutions.

Everything but a democrat: LKY in memory

Did autocrat Lee Kuan Yew really need to lock up soft-spoken Dr Chia Thye Poh for 32 years?

Let’s be precise with what ‘moderate’ means

Our society is fast becoming an Orwellian animal farm in which fluffy terms have become Doublespeak.

Whose right is it to revoke citizenship?

The writer appeals to the authorities to restore the citizenship of the late educationist, Lim Lian Geok.

Sim Kwang Yang: Politician, scholar, humanist

A kindred spirit pays tribute to an extraordinary man.

Who’s to blame for barbarism of war?

The Western media portray the brutality of the IS killings in such a way that the Western Coalition appears to be beyond such atrocities.

Lame excuses for opting out of varsity rankings

Participation drives academic excellence and is not a mechanism that degrades the quality of education and campus culture.

Water deal: SELCAT must bell the cat

Azmin or Anwar need not direct SELCAT to probe allegations against Khalid.

Dearth of leadership in Pakatan

The leadership of PKR and DAP should not allow Rottweiler culture if they truly value harmonious working relationship within the PR coalition

Zen and the migrant’s art of cooking

Lest we forget most of us are of migrant stock

BN is still under the colonial yoke

After 57 years of independence the country has not moved forward but backwards.

Deferring to the Sultan: PR set precedent in 2008

Then Pakatan Rakyat set the precedent by deferring the prerogative of selecting the Menteri Besar to the Sultan.

Khalid Ibrahim: The making of an anti-hero

Can he escape from the past and be redeemed or transformed in the end?

Archived: Being fair to Khalid

If unsupported allegations can count for reasons to expel a leader, then leaders of all organisations had better watch their backs