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Calls for better regional effort to stop influx of Rohingya

Human rights groups also say Rohingya refugees should be issued with UNHCR cards so they are not mistaken for illegal immigrants.

Online sex education not enough, says women’s NGO

Women's Aid Organisation cautions that online information is not always accurate and sex education should be available in formal settings.

PAS mungkin gagal di Selangor, ramal penganalisis politik

Jika tidak berpakat dengan PH, parti Islam itu tidak mampu memenuhi ikrar menghalang BN di Selangor.

GE14: Analysts warn PAS risks failure in Selangor

Islamist party may also not be able to fulfil its pledge to stop Barisan Nasional from winning Selangor if it does not cooperate with Pakatan Harapan.

Faulty education blamed for rise in intolerance

Irresponsible politicians are merely making use of the already pervasive racism, says an academic.

Experts: Lower nicotine levels make no difference to smokers

Smokers will only go through more cigarettes to satisfy their craving for nicotine, they say.

Jangan percaya khabar angin, kata tenaga pengajar Unisel

Presiden persatuan berkata persepsi negatif akan memberi kesan kepada kebajikan universiti dan pelajarnya.

Unisel academics urge public to dismiss rumours amid MACC probe

Unisel’s academic and professional association says the negative perception will impact the welfare of the university and put pressure on its students.

‘Don’t take young voters for granted’

Salleh Keruak is told he's too confident of youth support for BN.

Pensyarah berpengalaman terpaksa dihentikan akibat potongan bajet

Aktivis pelajar mendakwa keadaan itu akan menjejaskan mutu pendidikan di universiti awam pada masa depan.

Experienced lecturers let go due to varsity budget cuts

Student activists claim this will affect quality of future education in public universities.

Crooks getting more creative in pushing scams

Two DAP leaders expose the latest scheme which uses mobile apps to promote a cash payback scheme that has already netted more than 150 “investors”.

Crowded Cenang beach in Langkawi driving away tourists

Over-development has turned a once pristine beach into a hazy, dusty, chaotic, dirty and overcrowded place.

Pengendali pelayaran tanpa lesen gugat syarikat tempatan di Langkawi

Banyak pengendali bot dan sukan air ialah warga asing yang dinafikan kemasukan ke negara Asia lain seperti Thailand dan Indonesia.

‘Legacy of gratitude’ working for Dr M among Langkawi voters

The islanders feel the continuing support for Mahathir, who put Langkawi on the map, can pose a serious challenge to Umno in the coming polls.

‘Hutang budi’ jadi faktor penduduk Langkawi sokong Dr M

Sokongan penduduk Langkawi terhadap Dr Mahathir boleh menimbulkan ancaman besar kepada Umno jika parti itu tidak meningkatkan usaha memenangi hati penduduk.

Go green and reap the benefits, fishermen, farmers told

Eco-tourism pioneer Anthony Wong says hoteliers are willing to buy from those adopting organic methods to grow rice and rear fish.

Adoption easier said than done, says orphanage founder

Joseph Pang, who founded the House of Love orphanage, refutes claims that such homes are reluctant to cooperate with baby hatch centres to place children with adoptive families.

Study linking atheists and morality unreliable, says academic

Study by international team led by American psychologist cannot be used as evidence that atheists are morally bad or even good, says UPM lecturer.

Pembangkang janji bawa balik aset berkaitan 1MDB disita AS

Naib Presiden PKR, Nurul Izzah Anwar berkata, pembangkang perlu memenangi PRU14 untuk 'berkuasa' supaya aset didakwa berkaitan 1MDB di AS boleh diselamatkan.

Opposition vows to bring back seized 1MDB-linked assets

PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar says opposition must win the election to be ‘in control’, so alleged 1MDB-linked assets in the US can be saved.

Hotel Felda: 3 pengarah dipanggil SPRM bantu siasatan

Ketiga-tiga pengarah itu termasuk Ahli Parlimen Kota Tinggi Datuk Nur Ehsanuddin Harun tampil ke ibu pejabat SPRM untuk membantu siasatan.

Felda subsidiary directors questioned over London hotel purchase

The trio, which includes Kota Tinggi MP Nur Ehsanuddin Harun from Umno, arrived at the MACC headquarters to assist the anti-graft agency in its investigation.

The importance of training for adoptive parents

An adoptive parent shares the experience of a friend who also adopted a baby but encountered problems dealing with the child's tantrums.