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KY Speaks
Trying to influence your cravings since 2005, Kar Yeong was Guest Judge on Versus 1001 Rasa Baba’s 2018, R.AGE Food Fight Judge 2015 and NTV7 Foodie Blogger 2014. To read more about Kar Yeong’s food journeys, visit his blog at

Tonkatsu Anzu: Premium flavours that set it apart from others

This is the first tonkatsu restaurant in Malaysia to have the distinction of using only premium aged black pork from Kyushu.

Jetty Seafood Restaurant: Tasty, fresh and affordable

Just 45 minutes from Shah Alam, this restaurant in Kuala Selangor serves up some pretty fresh and tasty seafood dishes.

Time to try some of Cambodia’s sweet-savoury dishes

Something of an acquired taste, almost all of Siem Reap's dishes have sugar in it - yes, even the savoury ones.

A prawn-pork combo at Yi Pin Seafood Bak Kut Teh in...

At RM28 for a satisfying portion of pork and five decent-sized prawns, the food here is pretty good value as well.

For the freshest, tastiest fish, it’s KK’s Notung Kusan Cafe

The fish here is cooked just right, with a texture that's soft, almost crumbly on first bite.

Chong Kok Kopitiam in Klang is truly ‘muhibbah’

This restaurant is crowded with Chinese, Malays, and Indians on a daily basis.

Traditional favourites at Khao Jao Thai Restaurant at Thong Lo, Bangkok

This is a modern eatery serving mostly traditional Thai fare that is worth your while.

Gopala’s puts a different spin on Indian vegetarian food

Gopala Indian vegetarian is a good place to go to for a different take on vegetarian fare.

Penang Loh Mee a rare find at Ara Damansara

Good Loh Mee is a challenge to find in the Klang Valley. Indulge in a bowl at Restaurant Do Re Mi 123.

Wan Wan has the freshest fish noodles in Kota Kinabalu

If you love fish noodles and your fish bits chunky, this is certainly the place for you.

Restoran O&S for authentic Penang Chee Cheong Fun

Fans of Penang style Chee Cheong Fun can find it in Restoran O&S in Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya.

Little Rara’s explosive Thai flavours wake up jaded palates

For authentic Thai food that is wallet friendly, you can’t do better than Little Rara.

Eating healthy just got trendy at Medifoods in Damansara Kim

Medifoods uses non-GMO ingredients, MSG-free flavourings, and harvests vegetables from the restaurant's own farm.

A delicious local breakfast awaits at Wah Mui in Kota Bharu

The classic breakfast of Roti Kahwin, half-boiled eggs, and iced coffee make for a delightful breakfast or tea-time treat in this halal coffee shop.

Jin Xuan Restaurant’s scrumptious Hong Kong Dim Sum

When it comes to dimsum, few other places offer as many variety as Jin Xuan restaurant does.

Lip-smacking Penang-style kuih teow soup at Hock Seng’s

If you’re a fan of this street food or comfort food in general, this hawker stall in an Ara Damansara kopitiam is worth checking out.

It’s Yuen Ting for soya bean drinks and Chinese deep-fried breads

Located in Seapark, Petaling Jaya this restaurant also serves up one of the best Tau Foo Fah.

Xfrens Restaurant: Unusual name, delicious food

If you're into Teow Chew-style cooking, you'll enjoy the dishes at this restaurant in SS18, Subang Jaya.

The KK Concept Store looks like a winner

Located in Bukit Bintang, this is a 24-hour convenience store and round-the-clock eatery for busy Malaysians.

Thumbs up for Ayam Penyet Mak Maya in Kampung Baru

The freshly made sambal served with the chicken or fish is among the best ever.

Top 1 Chicken Rice lives up to its name in Klang

What sets this stall apart from others in Klang is their use of Bentong ginger as a condiment in addition to their homemade chilli sauce.

It’s hawker fare galore at Lido Square in Kota Kinabalu

From barbecued chicken wings to huge cockles to ikan bakar and lots more, Lido Square in Lintas is a fine place to eat till you drop.

Kagura’s halal Tokyo-style chicken ramen is truly delicious

This restaurant in Lot 10 offers a pork-free version of the famous Japanese soup-based dish with noodles.

Gin Rik Sha: Unusual name but great food and drinks

Gin Rik Sha is an interesting visit, for both after-work winding down or a proper meal with friends