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Lim Teck Ghee


IIUM: Beacon of enlightened Islam or well-paying divinity school?

The onus is on IIUM to open up to the public on all aspects of the university.

Real reason for Hindraf-BN MoU failure

To be able to trigger the social re-engineering to get Malaysia back on track, the country desperately needs a strong, forceful and principled PM to take charge.

A lesson for Waytha and Hindraf

The damage to the PM and BN could be considerable and long lasting.

Is time running out for M’sia?

A likely scenario will see Malaysia take a sharper turn towards an Islamic conservative future with the right wingers and other powerful stake players seizing power.

Can the NUCC be sustained?

NUCC members must ensure they are not made use of as tools, or fools, by a cynical and authoritarian regime.-

Plagiarism: Not just storm in Tee cup

A serious charge of academic dishonesty has been allowed to remain unanswered since 2010 when the authorities were first notified about it.

Will alternative messages be heard?

Even if their views are not heard, an increasing number of Malays have begun to speak up against Umno’s dead-end racial strategy.

Clueless, opportunistic defenders of TITAS

The compulsory implementation of TITAS is being backed by a slew of politically correct opportunists at the expense of the students’ best interests.

Major threat to public peace?

In most societies except the most blinkered, the authorities and public would have moved on to more important matters.

Beware of Umno’s education game plan

It is likely that the Islamic and Asian Civilisation Studies course is part of the overall game plan of Umno to establish the party’s version of politically correct history.

Political clowns and implausible nonsense

In Malaysia we have political clowns dominating the national stage but unlike in Shakespeare’s plays, they provide no entertainment or anything of merit or significance.

Archived: Haze – community policing a way out

Recruit a team of fire spotters and fire fighters to work during the period when these fires take place; and train and provide them with some basic fire fighting equipment to put out illegal fires.

Can Prof Khoo stand by his findings on the Chinese?

What is your evidence that Malaysian Chinese do not understand the importance of unity and that their racial sentiments burn strongly, asks Lim Teck Ghee.

Archived: Back to drawing board for BN, Pakatan

The limited success of the vote buying and racial chauvinism inciting campaign should lead both coalitions to rethink their post election strategies and policies.

Unfair media access: PR should boycott polls

Pakatan Rakyat has an important case to make to Malaysia and the world by standing firm and refusing to go to the elections without equal media access.

Keeping faith with Hindraf, Waythamoorthy

The Hindraf leader should call off his hunger strike so that he can continue his struggle for justice, equal opportunity and freedom in the longer run.

Archived: NEM: Old model in new packaging

No business person is immune from the big and little ‘Napoleons’ that are in cahoots with their business cronies.

Will Hindraf fall for BN’s election bait?

Many from the minority communities are well aware that the BN has a long history of sweet, and often, double talk.

Archived: Facing the truth on illegal immigrants

Whatever the findings of the RCI, we must realize that all these migrant streams – past and recent – have contributed to our country and deserve their place in the sun.

Archived: High time for Minority Affairs Ministry

The sense of alienation and marginalisation is most palpable among Indian, Orang Asli and other small minority communities.

1Malaysia concept in ashes

Blood and soil nationalism refers to an ideology that focuses on ethnicity based on two factors – descent and homeland.

Subsidies important for vulnerable groups

Local thinktanks Refsa and Ideas have misplaced their focus on critiquing subsidies in the 2013 Budget.

Don’t rush the education blueprint

Rushing through the new blueprint will adversely impact our students through its untimely implementation of contentious policies in key areas.

Tanda Putera: Dishonest or truthful reconstruction?

It invites suspicion that Tanda Putera is just one step short of a propaganda exercise to subtly cast Lim Kit Siang as a hateful, anti-Malay figure.