Low Bee Yin

Low Bee Yin
Low Bee Yinn is a food blogger at Rasa Malaysia and a cookbook author.

Moist and buttery banana walnut bread

This super easy homemade banana bread is made with walnuts and yogurt.

Inviting and delicious honey-garlic salmon

The honey-garlic sauce retains the salmon's moistness and renders it full of flavour.

Baked chicken with Parmesan: Let the oven do the work

Olive oil and lemon juice leave chicken breast meat moist and bursting with flavour.

Succulent and buttery pan-seared filet mignon

The easiest and best way to cook a filet mignon steak is by using a cast iron skillet.

Chinese Roast Chicken: Crispy on the outside, juicy within

A unique marinade as well as a special preparation technique ensures the skin stays crispy even after roasting.

Potstickers: Chewy yet crispy and ideal as appetisers

Potstickers are Chinese dumplings with a filling that consists of ground pork, shredded vegetables, and sometimes shrimp.

Make the crispiest, most delicious Spring Rolls this CNY

Filled with meat and vegetables, then rolled in thin wrappers and deep-fried, these appetisers are too good to refuse.

Tender beef stir-fried with broccoli

Beef and broccoli stir-fry is an easy and healthy recipe that you can whip-up in minutes.

Dangerously addictive Kung Pao chicken

This easy to make dish is perfect for your next family gathering.

Wonton soup: Comfort food that’s healthy and easy to make

The wonton filling can be any protein of your choice - shrimp, chicken, pork or a combination of these.

Fast, easy and versatile fried rice

Fried rice is one of the most popular Chinese dishes, and easy to make too.

Make this Winter Solstice merrier with Dongzhi Tang Yuan

Also known as sweet dumplings, these are easy to make and delicious after a hearty meal.

Make these magical melting moment cookies at home

Melting Moment cookies are aptly named for their buttery shortbread and crumbly texture. Here’s an easy recipe to make them.

This recipe for Cheese Puffs will make every party a blast

Loaded with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, these puffs are light and airy packages that you can't have enough of.

Extra buttery and crumbly butter cookies for Christmas

These home-made butter cookies are bound to disappear fast from your Christmas spread.

Crunchy coconut shrimps make the best festive appetisers

While you can bake these off to a crisp finish, nothing quite beats the taste and texture of deep-frying.

Buttery and crispy chocolate chip cookies in a jiffy

There is no better comfort food than hot, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Braised abalone and sea cucumber make for a premium meal

This dish takes some time and effort to make but the taste is heavenly.

Home made sweet and silky taufu fa

Taufu fa is excellent for cooling down in the hot and humid weather. Here’s an easy recipe to make this treat at home.

This green bean casserole is a sure crowd pleaser

This is the perfect dish to feed a large party crowd, and it's easy to make too.

Kitsune Udon soup is both hearty and filling

Kitsune udon is a hearty and filling Japanese staple on cold rainy nights.

Steamed mussels elevate spaghetti for a satisfying meal

This easy steamed mussels with spaghetti makes for a complete restaurant-quality meal.

Peach cobbler infused with Bourbon – now that’s a dessert!

This peach cobbler infused with Bourbon is easy to make and perfect for hot days.

Buttered potato-mushrooms make a delightful dish

All of 15 minutes and even the pickiest eater will be happy with this dish.