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Manirajan Ramasamy


Supermax to gain from US-China trade war

Company expects 10% increase in export of medical and industrial gloves to the US.

Malaysian fashion firm to seek Nasdaq listing

E'S Closet International wants to be listed in the US as it wants the brand to be international, says its chief marketing officer

Entrepreneur ministry hopes for higher Budget 2020 allocation

Deputy minister Hatta Ramli says proposals sent to the finance minister.

Tak sihat boikot produk kerana kaum dan agama, kata Anwar

Presiden PKR itu berkata, ini khasnya dalam kes masyarakat berbilang bangsa dan budaya.

Unhealthy to boycott products over race and religion, says Anwar

The PKR president says this is especially the case in a multiracial and multicultural society.

Put off hike in foreign workers’ levy, say SMEs

Small and medium enterprises say they still need help in lowering the cost of doing business.

Sime Darby in talks with 3 parties to sell Liberia estates

The group says it hopes discussions can be concluded by year-end.

Speak responsibly, don’t cause disunity, Wan Saiful tells politicians

The PTPN chairman says many are talking about ethnic issues but there is a lack of rational, calm debate.

Up to 54% of current jobs will be affected by automation,...

He says half of the companies expect automation to lead to some reduction in their full-time workforce by 2022.

FGV moves into integrated farming

The company may plant fruits on the same land as the oil palm seedlings, thereby generating income while waiting for the trees to mature.

FGV revenue down by half in 2nd quarter

Company attributes it to losses in its sugar business and lower crude palm oil prices but expects to do better by end of the year.

Sime Darby’s 4th quarter profits up 53% at RM948 mil

The group's positive results are driven by strong performance in the industrial division and recovery in the mining and construction sectors in Australia and China.

Program Malaysia Rumah Keduaku bukan untuk pemohon langgar undang-undang, kata kerajaan

Reuters melaporkan program MM2H menarik 251 pemohon daripada warga Hong Kong tahun ini, berbanding 193 yang diluluskan tahun lepas.

MySecond Home programme not for those running from the law, says...

Top tourism ministry official says only 'genuine' applicants for the Malaysia MySecond Home programme are welcomed.

Lynas tidak boleh dilayan seperti ‘paria’, kata Dr Mahathir

Dr Mahathir berkata, kumpulan anti Lynas bimbang mengenai sisa nadir bumi yang dihasilkan, walaupun pakar berpendapat sisa tersebut tidak berbahaya.

Dr M warns against ‘pariah’ treatment of Lynas

The prime minister says this could affect future investments in the country.

Dr M umum zon pelaburan pelancongan seluruh negara

Perdana Menteri berkata kemajuan teknologi dalam bidang pelancongan akan menggalakkan idea dan membuka peluang baru untuk pertumbuhan global.

Dr M announces nationwide tourism investment zones

The prime minister says technological advancements in tourism will push boundaries and open up new opportunities for global growth.

Unfair to link palm oil to deforestation, says Dr M

The prime minister says such claims have always been used by critics of the industry.

Kabinet kekal seperti sekarang, kata Guan Eng

Akhbar The Star memetik sumber yang berkata, Mahathir memaklumkan kepada menteri dalam mesyuarat mingguan mereka semalam bahawa akan berlaku rombakan portfolio dengan perubahan itu diumumkan dalam masa seminggu.

Cabinet to remain as is, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says yesterday's meeting was about government affairs, not a Cabinet reshuffle.

BNM eases loan criteria for first-time home buyers

Maximum monthly household income and property price have been increased to assist lower-income group under RM1 billion fund.

Flying car prototype nearly complete, says Redzuan

However, it remains to be seen whether it will be allowed to fly in Malaysia.

Lesen Lynas diperbaharui berdasar pendapat pakar dan fakta, kata Redzuan

Kerajaan memberi jaminan bahawa kilang Lynas di Gebeng adalah selamat selagi syarat yang ditetapkan dilaksanakan.