Mariam Mokhtar

Mariam Mokhtar
Mariam Mokhtar is a fierce critic of the socio-political problems of Malaysia, who wishes to rid the country of extremism, intolerance and double-standards.

‘Shouting doctor’ incident masks serious underlying issues

Doctor's behaviour may be uncalled for but many questions remain unanswered about our health service.

Dogs have nothing to do with Covid-19

Health ministry's poster is not fair to pet owners and animal welfare bodies.

Not right for local council to sue the public

The Subang Jaya Municipal Council's plan to sue a dog lover for defamation is a waste of taxpayers' money and time.

A refugee child’s story

Refugees wait anxiously for the United Nations to resettle them with little education and limited opportunities to work in Malaysia.

In Kelantan, people come last

Kelantan's leaders should be less materialistic and more pragmatic.

A role model and voice for the LGBT community

Trans doctor Kamilla Kamaruddin, now with the National Health Service in England, overcame her barriers to excel in her field.

What is the point of sending four ‘Ice Queens’ to Antarctica?

Taxpayers' money is better spent on empowering women in other ways than just training a few women to travel to Antarctica.

Race relations and the need for plain talk

There is a need for people to be more open and engage in dialogue to improve racial harmony.

A dead man’s ashes will not revive communism

The return Chin Peng's ashes to Malaysia sparks a controversy.

When constituents feel let down by their MP

The Sungai Petani anti-pollution group are still waiting to meet their MP over illegal recycling factories.

Life is not a fairy tale and PH is not invincible

It appears that PH has not learnt from Umno's mistakes.

Saudi teachers, Malaysians can learn from one another

The exchange programme between the Malaysian and Saudi education ministries has come as a surprise.

Why the ministerial silence on UM graduation fracas?

Only hypocrites who condone racism would consider Wong Yan Ke's actions criminal.

Transferring a sadistic teacher sends the wrong message

Teachers accused of abusing their students must be made to face the law, not moved to other schools.

Out-of-touch MPs are the real political saboteurs

The inaction over the pollution in Sungai Petani, Kedah, shows that a serious communication problem exists between MPs and their ministers in Putrajaya.

Will the MP care to meet his anti-sampah constituents?

Residents protesting against pollution have twice been rebuffed, while the executive councillor has not responded.

Shariah courts need urgent reforms to protect women

Maria Chin Abdullah has raised awareness of the workings of the shariah courts which, divorced Muslim women will tell you, need to be improved.

Merdeka is about work in progress

Instead of just one day of celebration, we should build on our unity and the contributions of each race every day.

When 1 lift accident is 1 too many

Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad must come clean on the lift accident at the Kampung Kerinchi PPR flats.

One too many gaffes by Perak MB

Is Mahathir still impressed with the performance of the Perak MB?

Orang Asli need help now, not conversion

Logging activities are destroying the Orang Asli ancestral lands, contaminating their water supply and depriving them of their source of food.

Sex, sleaze and scandals in Malaysia

The only purpose of gutter politics is to make people question the character of the victim and consider his suitability for the role he plays in public life.

What the ‘Bantah Tambak’ protest is really about

It's not a demand for compensation or a stand against development, but a call to protect the rights of fishermen and to safeguard the environment.

Don’t wait for more Orang Asli deaths before respecting their rights

For decades, the Orang Asli have been marginalised, their rights ignored by successive state governments.