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Mariam Mokhtar

Mariam Mokhtar
Mariam Mokhtar is a fierce critic of the socio-political problems of Malaysia, who wishes to rid the country of extremism, intolerance and double-standards.

What the ‘Bantah Tambak’ protest is really about

It's not a demand for compensation or a stand against development, but a call to protect the rights of fishermen and to safeguard the environment.

Don’t wait for more Orang Asli deaths before respecting their rights

For decades, the Orang Asli have been marginalised, their rights ignored by successive state governments.

Putting profit before people in Perak

Did the state government ignore the rights of the Orang Asli in order to reap the benefits of logging?

Sand mining, a by-product of Penang reclamation project?

Sand mining, should it occur, will take a huge toll on both the people and the environment.

When help and compassion, not condemnation, is needed

Our duty is to provide professional help to those in need of it, coupled with emotional support from family and friends.

Does Perak really need another university?

It is difficult to keep up with the number of universities in Malaysia as they keep mushrooming.

Penang JPJ, just the start?

If the top have no integrity, why should we expect the staff who are lower in the pecking order to act with honesty and perform their work with diligence?

How much a maid is worth in Malaysia

Ambika MA Shan's acquittal might give prospective employers free rein to abuse their maids because they know they will not be punished.

From Permata to Genius, but what’s the difference?

The Permata programme for early childhood development has been rebranded as 'Genius', but whether the programme itself will undergo any change remains to be seen.

Just 1 reason why we need the IPCMC

Malaysians are familiar with deaths in custody as well as the police's stock phrases to explain them.

It takes 2 to tango to the tune of corruption

Both giver and receiver should be held accountable for bribes.

The MP who came in from the cold

Mastura Mohd Yazid has the right to air her views on human rights, sexuality and what not, but she should also show concern over issues closer to her backyard.

Don’t give up on reforms now, we’re only halfway there

Nurul Izzah Anwar may be disheartened by developments post-GE14, but she shouldn't give up just because of one man.

Will Umno realise there’s no place for violence?

More Umno-Baru leaders must denounce their thuggish supporters.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike before caring for the environment

Education is essential, but our attitude towards the environment must also change.

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned parenting?

Parents are responsible for bringing up their children to obey the law, to have a sense of right and wrong, and to be productive Malaysians.

What a little girl’s death says about our society

There is no longer a sense of values, and our family units are all but broken.

The great Pakatan Harapan denial

Pakatan Harapan ministers have only themselves to blame for the coalition's defeat in Semenyih.

Flying cars, not really a priority right now

We already have to deal with problems on the road – will we now have to watch the skies as well?

Tower runner Soh’s climb to the top

Soh Wai Ching, Malaysia's only tower runner with a world ranking, is aiming for recognition as a national athlete.

Donations to universities sometimes have strings attached

Only naive people would think that a political despot donates for altruistic reasons.

Taekwondo classes and travel escorts might not always be enough

It is also the government's responsibility to allay public concerns and improve safety, especially for women commuters.

It’s not just about the degree

It's also about honesty, integrity and truthfulness in our politicians.

Can Dr M help solve Malaysia’s food security problems?

The prime minister recently advised Felda settlers to adopt mixed farming methods — something agriculture activists have been suggesting for years.