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World Cup telecast to cost RM30 million, half already recouped

RM15 million has already been recouped through sponsorship, says minister Gobind.

Activist’s wife wants home ministry to protect police informer

Norhayati Mohd Ariffin fears that the police officer whom she named earlier today will feel pressured into not speaking the truth in the inquiry.

Amri beaten up, taken by Bukit Aman police, says wife

Norhayati Mohd Ariffin tells Suhakam inquiry a police informant told her Amri had been handled roughly and beaten up as he was taken out of his car by policemen.

EPF briefs council, no word on scrapping tolls

CEO Shahril Ridza Ridzuan says it was just a briefing on the pension fund's service, investments and returns.

Putrajaya urged to give Suhakam more bite

It needs the power to compel witnesses to cooperate in its inquiries, says UKM's Jayasooria.

Saifuddin: Changes have already begun under PH

PH chief secretaryl mocks critics who were never concerned about even the poor at Ramadan now suddenly finding voice to criticise investigations into Najib being held during the fasting month.

Anwar was right to refuse govt job, says analyst

After so many years away, he has a lot to catch up on, says Khoo Kay Peng, who believes Anwar made the right call not to take up Mahathir's offer of a role in government.

Guan Eng ingatkan Arul: Kamu masih pekerja 1MDB

Menteri kewangan berkata, presiden 1MDB itu adalah satu-satunya pekerja 1MDB, syarikat milik penuh kementeriannya.

Guan Eng reminds Arul: You’re still 1MDB staff

Finance Minister says the 1MDB president is the only employee of the company, which is solely owned by the ministry.

SPAD employees to be redeployed to JPJ, says Loke

The transport minister says 1,000 vacancies in the Road Transport Department have been reserved for the staff of SPAD after it is disbanded.

No more ‘kopi-o’ licences, says Loke

The new transport minister says there will be an end to 'guaranteed pass packages' and that automation will help end corrupt practices at driving centres.

E-bidding for vehicle plate numbers to help fill govt coffers

Transport Minister Anthony Loke says the new system will enable anyone to buy any number from anywhere.

Do the honourable thing and resign, Anthony Loke tells Isa Samad

All political appointees in the ministry must resign voluntarily or face sacking within a week, says new transport minister.

Government has no intention to buy back Proton, says Dr M

The prime minister says the decision is up to tycoon Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary.

Najib’s supporters call for justice

Nurhana Radzi, from the Putrajaya Umno division, says everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Najib arrives at MACC for questioning

The former prime minister is to be questioned on allegations of corruption involving 1MDB.

Azmin to make decision on his MB post

He says he will meet the Sultan on Sunday to decide which role he should play.

Azmin tak tahu dilantik menteri, perlu lepaskan Selangor atau Putrajaya

Menteri besar Selangor hanya mendapat maklumat tentang pelantikannya sebagai menteri persekutuan 'sebentar tadi'.

Daim: Impatient young ones pushing for Anwar

PM's adviser says PH must honour pledge for Mahathir to be in charge, and Anwar understands the political situation very well.

Daim: ECRL may cost extra RM11 billion in 2nd phase

PM's senior advisor says the previous RM55 billion figure was for the first phase, the second phase costs RM11 billion more.

Dr M ketuai pasukan petugas khas selesai isu masyarakat India

Perdana menteri mahu laksana janji PH kepada masyarakat terpinggir itu, kata Ahli Parlimen M Kulasegaran.

Mahathir okay with Shafie holding Sabah finance portfolio

Although Dr Mahathir said in the past it was wrong for the prime minister to hold the finance minister post, he explains that the 'Sabah CM is not the PM'.

Mahathir heads task force to resolve Indian woes

Prime minister to keep PH election promises to marginalised communities, with MP Kulasegaran saying Dr Mahathir is serious about tackling Indian issues.

Dr M names himself education minister

The prime minister will be in charge of the education ministry while his deputy Wan Azizah will be in charge of women's affairs.