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Michael Murty


GST, cost of living see more people choosing govt healthcare

MMA chief says 30% spike in number of patients at govt hospitals and clinics, compounded with budget cuts for health ministry has resulted in medicine shortage.

Pastor was harassed by Special Branch for years, says friend

Pastor's friend G Sri Ram says Raymond Koh had been threatened by calls, over the Internet and even received a Bank Negara notice demanding details of his donors and expenditure.

Plat kenderaan dalam penculikan Koh mungkin palsu

Rakaman CCTV menunjukkan sekurang-kurangnya 3 kenderaan utiliti rekreasi (SUV) terlibat dalam penculikan itu.

Love for country stopped Pastor Koh from migrating, says wife

Susanna Liew says she was extremely worried after receiving two bullets in the mail and a death threat, and urged her husband to migrate.

Plate numbers of vehicles in Koh’s abduction likely fake, inquiry told

The wife of the missing pastor says she was shown photos of three vehicles, including her husband's, taken by a camera mounted on an advertisement board near the scene of the abduction.

Parents group wants stringent steps taken to reform bullies

Among others, counselling and reform schools should be put in place.

Economists differ over Mahathir’s plan to end GST

Two economists have contrasting views on former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's suggestions on abolishing GST without affecting govt's revenue.

Malaysia to negotiate with Ocean Infinity on resuming MH370 search

Some families of MH370 victims received email stating that the authorities have decided to negotiate terms with the company.

Inquiry into missing pastor: ‘Abduction looked like police ops’

Witness Roeshan Celestine Gomez says he was told by a police officer that the scene he described looked like a police operation.

Anti-birthday Muslim preacher visits hospital patients on Deepavali day

The visit was described as for a "charitable purpose" by rock singer Awie who was supposed to take part in it.

Man who gave ATM cards to ‘friend’ gets fines instead of...

Tham Han Horng now risks jail as he may face a possible 13 more charges for fraud.

DCA: Kru AirAsia QZ535 ikut SOP tangani situasi cemas

Ketua pengarah Jabatan Penerbangan Awam berkata, juruterbang dan kru kabin AirAsia bertindak betul dengan mengurangkan altitut dan menjerit untuk menyampaikan arahan bagi memastikan keselamatan penumpang terjamin.

A waiting game for MH370 families

They are frustrated that the government has yet to decide whether the search for the missing plane should resume.

DCA: AirAsia crew did right in Sunday’s emergency situation

DG Azharuddin says they followed the standard operating procedure.

Bos AirAsia dakwa media putar belit detik cemas QZ535

Tony Fernandes mempertahankan anak kapal penerbangan AirAsia Indonesia susulan laporan mengatakan mereka panik seperti didakwa penumpang.

AirAsia boss says media twisted stories on QZ535 scare

Airline's group CEO Tony Fernandes takes to twitter to defend crew of AirAsia Indonesia flight, following reports that crew panicked, as claimed by passengers.

Why Malays aren’t vocal against the government

Many of the opposition supporters among them fear the repercussions of openly showing their preference, says Khalid Samad.

G25 welcomes royal decision against Zamihan

It's a lesson for Taliban wannabes, says Noor Farida Ariffin.