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Michael Murty


US human rights lawyer hails Anwar’s release

Lawyer Kimberley Motley says Anwar's release and the re-election of Dr Mahathir Mohamad as PM will be positive turning points for Malaysia.

Pastor Koh case: Lawyer to call as witness ‘whistleblower’ cop

Gurdial Singh says he wants him as witness to state how Special Branch was involved in the abductions.

Pastor Koh inquiry to resume

The Suhakam panel says the subject matter in court is not the same as that of the public inquiry.

Zeti: Kami akan umum cara mansuh GST dalam 100 hari

Zeti Akhtar Aziz yang menganggotai Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan berkata, kerajaan akan mendapatkan kelulusan Parlimen, jika perlu.

Zeti: Ringgit will perform better when confidence returns

The former Bank Negara governor says the economic fundamentals are still there and the new government is working hard to restore investor confidence.

‘Langkah Pandan’ untuk Anwar jadi PM?

Penganalisis politik, Khoo Kay Peng percaya Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail akan mengosongkan kerusinya di Pandan untuk memberi laluan kepada Anwar Ibrahim.

Zeti: We’ll announce how we intend to abolish GST within 100...

Zeti, who sits on the Council of Eminent Persons, says the method of abolishing the GST will be made known within 100 days and if it needs parliamentary approval, this will be sought.

Pandan Move for Anwar to become PM?

Analyst Khoo Kay Peng believes Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail will vacate her seat in Pandan to make way for Anwar Ibrahim.

Business as usual at AG’s office?

There are no signs of police presence despite rumours that Mohamed Apandi Ali is being held in his office.

Zambry accepts new Perak govt formed after defections from BN

The former MB says BN is all for stability in the state.

Najib resigns party posts, Zahid to take over

Outgoing party leader says his decision stems from his 'moral responsibility' after Umno-BN suffered worst electoral defeats.

MCA buat program skala kecil elak konfrontasi di Ipoh

Jimmy Loh berkata, DAP sengaja mencetuskan ketegangan dengan mengadakan ceramah di lokasi sama seperti dirancang MCA.

Ipoh MCA tells why it has been lying low

It says MCA leaders do not want to be drawn into a confrontation with DAP.

Orang Asli to switch support to BN after Perak hydro project...

But an Orang Asli leader says they could change their mind at any time if the authorities fail to stop the project.

Wan Azizah hails ‘pillars of BN’ who back Pakatan

PKR president says Umno veterans Rafidah, Daim, and Rais have a right to choose who they wish to support.

Environs group attacks Perak govt for quarries in forest reserve

Sahabat Alam Malaysia says there is massive destruction of the state's limestone hills.

Orang Asli Behrang bosan janji kosong BN, kata calon PH

Aminuddin Zulkipli berkata masyarakat Orang Asli itu dijanjikan tanah bergenerasi lalu tapi tidak ditunaikan.

Behrang Orang Asli fed up over BN’s unkept promises, says PH...

Aminuddin Zulkipli says the community has been given promises of land for generations but nothing has materialised.

Suku Semai di Perak sepakat tolak BN, kata Tok Batin

Orang Asli suku Semai mendakwa kerajaan menceroboh tanah adat mereka dan memusnahkan alam sekitar.

Orang Asli elders in Perak bent on rejecting BN

They say the BN government has encroached on their land and destroyed the natural environment.

Activist: Orang Asli will reject BN in Perak over destruction of...

He says Perak has 35,000 registered Orang Asli voters and many will not vote for BN this time for neglect of their rights.

DAP claims Ipoh land for 2 schools changed to commercial status

Bercham incumbent assemblyman Cheong Chee Khing says Perak state assembly was told much earlier that land in Bercham and Tambun was reserved for schools.

‘Mahathir factor enough for PH to take Perak’

Kepayang candidate Dr Ko Chung Sen says the Malay support for Dr Mahathir could tip the scales for PH in Perak.

PKR will gift Sg Siput to BN, says PSM’s Jeyakumar

PH should have recognised what PSM has done in the constituency, says incumbent Dr Michael Jeyakumar.