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Michael Murty


Cops ready for 5-cornered Sg Siput fight

Sungei Siput police chief says meetings held with candidates to ensure supporters of the various political parties and independent candidate are kept under control.

DAP leader: Let’s bury BN in their free coffins

The offer of free coffins to the Indian community in Bagan Datuk, allegedly made by the deputy prime minister, was the main topic at a DAP ceramah in Ipoh.

Umno: Last chance for MIC to redeem itself in Sungai Siput

Umno division leader says BN ready to give a chance to another component party if opposition wins Sungai Siput parliamentary seat again.

PH: Melayu tetap diwakili Melayu jika kami menang

Pemimpin Pakatan Harapan meyakinkan rakyat di Parit, pimpinan tertinggi gabungan itu terdiri daripada orang Melayu

Candidates must give 10-day notice to campaign in other constituencies

Perak police chief Hasnan Hassan also advises supporters not to march with candidates on nomination day.

PH: Malays will still be represented by Malays if we win

Pakatan Harapan leaders remind the people of Parit that the coalition's top leadership consists of Malays.

MIC man sees PKR losing Hutan Melintang

Former speaker R Ganesan says Umno will wrest the seat from the opposition, thanks to Zahid Hamidi's influence in the area.

PSM’s Jeyakumar offers to pull out of Sungai Siput race

The two-term MP says a multi-cornered fight will only benefit BN.

BN Perak ganti Ka Chuan dengan calon muda

Senarai calon menampilkan ramai muka baru termasuk Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Tan Keng Liang di Taiping.

Bersih: Hanya 4 hari bekerja untuk undi pos?

Kumpulan reformasi pilihan raya berkata SPR mesti menjelaskan sama ada kertas undi akan dikirim dengan kurier atau pos laju.

Perak BN drops Ka Chuan in favour of younger candidates

The line-up features many new faces including Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang who will stand in Taiping.

Bersih: Only 4 working days for postal ballots?

Reform group says Election Commission must give more infomation: will ballots go by courier or Pos Laju?

Mahathir mocks attendance at BN events

He says PH ceramah, on the other hand, are well attended.

Mat Sabu to contest Kota Raja in Selangor

Three candidates for every one chosen, says Amanah president, but these are the ones who must deliver.

Health chief under fire for ‘disgraceful’ pro-BN retweets

Noor Farida Ariffin says public servants should serve the government of the day and not promote any political party.

Large Suhakam team to monitor election campaign

Six organisations submit a memorandum calling for action on 'fradulent and abusive practices'

Malaysians returning to vote: What’s your stand, Muhyiddin asks Khaled

Johor PH chairman says BN should not be afraid as there is no way of knowing who the returning voters would support.

Khairy: Manifesto Pemuda BN tak sehebat PH, tapi…

Ketua Pemuda BN itu berkata, PH menawarkan manifesto populis yang boleh memufliskan kerajaan.

Khairy: BN Youth manifesto no match for PH’s, but…

He says the PH manifesto is a populist declaration which can bankrupt the country.

‘More kids, more aid’ remark a joke, says Khairy

The Umno Youth leader clarifies that ADAM50 cash incentive is not a blank cheque for couples to have more babies.

MIC Youth chief denies joining myPPP or working for Kayveas

Sivarraajh Chandran says he will send myPPP president M Kayveas a legal notice over the allegations.

Mahathir: Bad economy, so I wanted to sell off bakery

Mahathir says other businesses too are suffering under the economic leadership of Najib Razak and that since he could not find a buyer, The Loaf was closed down.

What Mahathir fears may happen just before nomination day

The PH chairman says there are fears that the EC may prohibit PPBM leaders from using the PKR logo.

Dr M to Hadi: Go back to kampung and become an...

The former prime minister responds to the PAS president telling him to go become a government doctor.