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Michael Murty


Kayveas flings Segambut back in Ku Nan’s face

Maybe Tengku Adnan should stand in Segambut, maybe he can win that seat, says myPPP president.

Kayveas tolak tawaran BN tanding di Segambut

Kayveas memberi jaminan untuk terus berkhidmat kepada penduduk setempat, walaupun tidak dicalonkan di Cameron Highlands.

Fake news can be used as ‘tool of interference’

The prime minister tells a group of foreign military men that the opposition somehow seems to welcome this.

Kayveas rejects BN’s offer to stand in Segambut

The myPPP president says he has worked hard in Cameron Highlands, the seat where MIC will contest at the coming polls.

Hisham: Success​ful​ defence exhibition disproves claims against country

The minister says those who make accusations about the country are sometimes driven by political considerations.

PKR kemuka ramai muka baharu di Perak

Parti itu berharap untuk bertanding di 5 Parlimen dan 16 DUN dan mahu mengetengahkan calon-calon muda, baharu dan wanita.

PKR to field fresh faces for most seats in Perak

The party hopes to contest in five parliamentary and 16 state seats in Perak, says a source, adding that most of the candidates will be young, new faces.

Xavier: Terpulang pada PSM jika mahu bersendirian

PSM patut menerima tawaran Pakatan Harapan kerana tidak banyak kerusi yang ada sekarang ini.

Xavier: Up to PSM if it wants to go it alone

PSM should have taken what it was offered as more parties in the opposition are now trying to split up the same number of seats.

PSM to go it alone after breakdown in talks with PKR

PSM will announce its full candidate list on April 19.

Sg Siput bukan macam zaman ayah kamu, PSM beritahu anak Samy...

Pengundi sudah memerhati jenis kepimpinan PSM sejak 10 tahun lalu, kata Michael Jeyakumar yang melakukan kejutan apabila mengalahkan Samy Vellu pada 2008.

Jeyakumar to Vell Paari: Sg Siput voters have changed from your...

The incumbent MP welcomes the MIC leader's challenge but claims the voters now demand a different sort of representative than the one MIC can offer.

Perlis mufti a key witness at ‘disappearance’ inquiry today

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin is expected to answer questions relating to his meetings with the police before activist Amri Che Mat's disappearance.

Samy’s son denies wanting to stand in dad’s former seat

He says he was only responding to a question on what he would do if offered the chance.

Mahathir: Obstacles won’t stop me from contesting

The former prime minister says since PPBM has been declared illegal, he and 159 others from PPBM are contesting as private individuals.

Dr M: 500,000 voters in S’pore may have problem returning to...

The opposition leader says it is unusual to have voting on a working day and those working abroad will find it difficult to return home to vote.

Dr M says sorry over ‘keling’

The former prime minister says he was not aware that the term is derogatory.

Selangor ikrar tiada peruntukan baru selepas pembubaran DUN

Menteri besar Selangor juga mengumumkan semua kenderaan rasmi sudah diserahkan kepada kerajaan negeri.

Selangor pledges no new allocations after assembly dissolved

Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali also announces that all official cars will be returned to the state.

Tak perlu takut ‘nyamuk mati’, Nazri beritahu Rafidah

Menteri pelancongan dan kebudayaan itu menolak dakwaan Rafidah Aziz 'gigitan' PPBM boleh membawa maut kerana ia bukan isu dengan parti itu dibubarkan sementara.

No need to fear ‘dead mosquito’, Nazri tells Rafidah

Tourism minister dismisses Rafidah Aziz’s claim that PPBM’s 'sting' can prove fatal, saying it is a non-issue with party being 'provisionally deregistered'.

Eliminate MIC, Mahathir tells Indians

PH chairman says he realises now that a certain ‘big’ leader who represented Indians in Malaysia failed to carry out his duties for the community.

Face me in Ipoh Barat, Kula dares Subra

DAP's four-term MP says it is only apt for the MIC president to face him in the constituency with the highest percentage of Indian voters.

Jangan cepat hukum Rizalman, kata Nazri

Menteri tidak menolak kemungkinan sabotaj terhadap ketua bahagian Umno itu yang baru-baru diuji positif dadah.