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Mikha Chan


From India to Spain, the journey of a dance

The fusion of Spanish flamenco and Indian kathak, two historically linked dance styles coming together, shows its strength in DiverseCity.

The Wknd Store, hub for SE Asian art and music

Malaysia Day launch of a new independent pop-up record store, in line with The Wknd's support for musicians across Southeast Asia regardless of genre.

MCA-Nazri spat: Better for MCA to back down

There's nothing that says you can't be friends with your political opponents.

WAO calls for enactment of Sexual Harassment Act

It says a workplace sexual harassment conduct code is insufficient.

Minister: Race-based assemblies not good for unity

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Joseph Kurup says better to settle disagreements with discussions not protests.

Shakespeare for the masses, Bollywood style

The Actors Studio presents a 'pre-incarnation of Shakespeare's works', as actor and industry veteran Chacko Vadaketh calls it.

Put truth into the public sphere, journos told

Former Washington Post reporter John Dinges says journalists must commit themselves to the truth even when oppressed by repressive governments.

Prasarana mohon maaf, beri khidmat percuma 3 hari

CEO kumpulan itu memberi penjelasan mengenai punca gangguan perkhidmatan LRT pagi tadi dan berkata penumpang dipindahkan untuk tujuan keselamatan.

Prasarana apologises, offers free rides

Group CEO explains the reason behind the glitch and says commuters were evacuated for safety reasons.

Minister: Politicians need team sport mentality

Salleh Said Keruak says political 'players' need to learn from footballers, like those in legendary 1980 national team, in cooperating towards common goal.

Disgruntled property owners challenge valuation by govt dept

The Valuation and Property Services Department's over valuation resulted in inflated premiums by the Selangor Land Office, say owners.

Stories from Syria to Jinjang highlight Freedom Film Fest

Human rights film festival last week also featured award-winning documentaries such as the Susan Sarandon-produced Radical Grace.

Sonnets brought to life in song

Singers and actors interpret Shakespeare's poems in a well-received KLPac production.

Brian Gomez: Jaguh Kampung and proud of it

Do Malaysian musicians play to be heard by Malaysians, or to be discovered by America and come back home as American-discovered heroes?

Race and culture not a problem for kids

Children are very colour-blind when it comes to race in Malaysia's multicultural environment, say preschool teachers.

A fresh musical take on the Bard’s sonnets

A selection of Shakespeare's poems will be reinterpreted into songs in a KLPac production this month.

Wujudkan tabung pemberhentian kerja sekarang, desak PSM

Keadaan pekerja yang membimbangkan di seluruh negara mendesak jawapan segera daripada kerajaan, kata parti sosialis itu kepada Kementerian Sumber Manusia

Set up retrenchment fund now, PSM urges govt

The increasingly troubled workers' situation nationwide necessitates an immediate response, Parti Sosialis Malaysia tells the Human Resources Ministry.

Suaram: Probe Juru torture claims immediately

The human rights NGO has called for immediate investigation into claims that immigrants have been tortured at the Juru detention depot in Penang.

Gerakan Youth: All the best, Bersih 2.0

Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang hopes there will be no chaos during Bersih’s planned protest in the streets.

Bersih says no to holding protest in stadium

Maria shoots down call for protesters to confine their activities to a stadium, saying it defeats the purpose.

Art and propaganda

National policies should not be used to limit creativity.

Chinese artiste group defends FFM28 over segregation

Having BM, non-BM categories at 28th Malaysian Film Festival Awards (FFM28) give local Chinese-language films a chance to win more awards, says association.

Bangkit Dari Bayangan: The story of a female ulama

Norhayati Kaprawi's latest documentary highlights the struggle of a woman in Indonesia to be recognised as a religious leader.