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Mikha Chan


JPA scholarships: Dept has violated PM’s word, says DAP

The move to convert full scholarships into partial and full loans goes against Najib Razak's announcement during the Budget recalibration, says Teresa Kok.

TUDM plane makes emergency landing in Kuala Selangor

No casualties reported in the incident.

Clarify whether police took Sivaguru away, IGP urged

Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo raps top cop Khalid Abu Bakar for not responding to the family of a man taken away in two cars by people claiming to be narcotics officers.

DAP CNY parody video in bad taste, says MCA

MCA Youth national treasurer Michael Lee says Chinese New Year video runs contrary to traditional spirit of the festival and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

EPF contributors who opt for 8% to lose up to RM25k

EPF also reveals that more Malaysians renounced their citizenship last year, compared to 2014.

Shell and Miros in partnership to improve road safety

The partnership will see the use of technology to map out the nation's roads and expressways.

Being tuans even outside Tanah Melayu

Author Bakri Musa speaks about the importance of the freedom to think.

Malays trapped by invisible walls, says writer

Bakri Musa examines the obsession with Ketuanan Melayu in a book ready for launching.

MyKMU: Why so eager to announce appeal, MACC?

The pro-Umno portal has questioned MACC's eagerness to announce that they will likely appeal against the A-G's decision to close the cases against the PM.

Suaram activist released from police custody

Suaram activist suspects his arrest has to do with his exposure of letters from Sosma detainees

Undo the damage done, Hokkien Association tells PNB

Association claims PNB's work on Menara KL118 has caused drains to clog and a retaining wall near the Guanyin Temple to collapse.

Gay M’sian student in Canada soldiering on

Hazim Ismail says university authorities and LGBT community have been supportive of him although he is still financially strapped.

MACC arrests 4 for bribery involving illegal bauxite miners

Senior official among four from Land and Mines Office (PTG) arrested for requesting and receiving bribes from unlicensed bauxite miners.

Residents may have grounds to sue gov’t over bauxite

Constitutional lawyer opines there are legal grounds for a suit against the government and mining companies for endangerment to health, provided they prove causation.

Tinasha’s parents accuse hospital of malpractice

The family of the deceased teenager questions the documents released by the insurance company and Assunta Hospital.