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Mikha Chan


Qualified, but youths not landing good jobs

Student activist Fahmi Zainol claims government is also cutting off opportunities for youths to get higher education by reducing loans and scholarships.

Suhakam lauds Digi for 6-month paid maternity leave

The new extended paid maternity leave policy will provide working mothers with adequate maternity benefits, leading to increased job satisfaction and greater loyalty to employers.

5 ditahan susulan tunjuk perasaan bantah kereta sapu

Tunjuk perasaan 100 pemandu teksi di Jalan Bukit Bintang berakhir dengan penahanan lima lelaki

Suhakam renews call for moratorium on death penalty

Suhakam questions execution of three men given that the government is working on amendments to the death penalty.

Anti-Najib battle not about DAP or Mahathir, says Husam

PAS man also says Malaysians must rise above race and religion.

Fahmi: Spendthrift govt has failed education system

Money spent on tallest building and private jets for ministers, but not on brilliant students

Jatuhkan Najib bukan pilihan tapi tanggungjawab

Semua rakyat Malaysia bertanggungjawab menyelamatkan negara daripada terus mengalami kerosakan di bawah Najib Razak.

Urban poor experience higher inflation, says BNM

Bank Negara’s analysis links the higher inflation rates experienced by urban poor to their higher expenditure on food.

DAP tak tolak hudud, tapi tolak pelaksanaannya

DAP tidak pernah menolak hudud sebagai sebahagian perkara penting dalam Islam dan pandangan DAP mengenai hudud konsisten

DAP: Amanah has progressive stance on hudud

Zairil Khir Johari says Amanah, unlike PAS, consults coalition partners on all issues.

Don: Racism exists as part of political system

Universiti Sarawak Malaysia Associate Professor Andrew Aeria notes that seats in Sarawak are divided into different racial and religious categories.

‘Cut out the stunts, Guan Eng’

Gerakan's Dominic Lau dismisses media tour Penang Chief Minister conducted at his house as being just a "gimmick".

Misogyny and its roots in Malaysian culture

The conversation needs to move beyond discussions of gender equality.

Islamic justice defied in Deepa case, says activist

Jihad for Justice's Thasleem urges Muslims to reject judgements in recent child custody cases.

Low pushes for foreign political donations to be prohibited

National Committee on Political Funding arrives at preliminary decisions on political donations.

Zahid praises Hadi’s stance against Citizens’ Declaration

Islam does not encourage a culture of firing leaders, but of correcting them, says deputy prime minister.

No-confidence motion against T’ganu MB struck out

Former Terengganu MB Ahmad Said claims Ahmad Razif's administration attempted to ridicule him.

Syed Saddiq: ‘I am not a threat to varsity students’

The former Perdana fellow says ban on him speaking at Uniten and Usim shows academic freedom is very "limited."

Gender stereotyping still a problem in Malaysia

Women continue to suffer decreased opportunities for equality in Malaysia, says Suhakam.

How viable is the anti-Najib movement?

Any group formed to oust the PM needs to be politically stronger and more united than Umno.

Leave Najib’s faith out of it, says Perlis Mufti

'No need to poke fun at the Prime Minister and wife for performing their religious obligations.'

Facebook a haven for illegal wildlife traders

A roaring business in illegal wildlife is thriving on the social media platform, says wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic.

Uphill battle to legalise marijuana

It's virtually impossible to produce up-to-date scientific evidence of ganja's benefits.

‘Starving students’ fail to come forward

Higher Education Ministry has not heard from any of the “suffering” students, says Idris Jusoh.