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Mikha Chan


Child specialist panel mooted for custody cases

But it's easier said than done, says a counselling psychologist.

Selangor perlu dedah dokumen pembersihan hutan

GERAKAN bidas ketidaktelusan Kerajaan Selangor dalam projek pembersihan kawasan hutan.

S’gor govt must disclose details of forest clearing

Selangor Gerakan slams state government for its lack of transparency in forest-clearing projects.

Pesawat TUDM lakukan pendaratan cemas

Pesawat CN-235 membuat panggilan kecemasan sepuluh minit sebelum melakukan pendaratan cemas berhampiran pantai Kuala Selangor.

The haze around the marijuana issue

We don't know enough about ganja to intelligently argue for or against legalisation.

Amnesty: Regional solution needed for refugee problem

Amnesty International Malaysia Report for 2015/2016 talks about initial reluctance of Malaysia and Indonesia to assist boat people.

Why do we really need 1.5m Bangladeshis?

The issue of 1.5 million Bangladeshis and whether the Federal Government is telling the whole story.

Ugly turn in polemics on foreign workers

There are good arguments against the government's plan, but a racist argument is not one of it.

Court ruling on Noorfadilla a ‘slap on the face’ for all...

Zuraida Kamaruddin of PKR says decision by Shah Alam High Court to slash Noorfadilla's damages is unfair.

Decision on Deepa case sets dicey precedent

A look at the Federal Court ruling from the humanitarian perspective.

Bukan salah kerajaan bawa masuk pekerja Bangladesh – TPM

Rakyat Malaysia enggan bekerja dalam sektor perladangan dan pembinaan menyebabkan berlaku kekurangan tenaga kerja.

Be tough with Sulu claim, PKR urges Najib

Darell Leiking calls for Sulu claimants to be tried in Malaysia as criminals.

Dept for Orang Asli slammed for making empty promises

Temiar Orang Asli hands memorandum to Suhakam demanding more accessible schools and the placement of capable teachers for their children.

Detained under Sedition Act, student activist denied use of toilet

Khalid Ismath claims he had to "hold it in" for a day until he was allowed use of the washroom.

Netizen suarakan kebimbangan isu rizab Tabung Haji

Banyak persoalan yang kedengaran di media sosial bertanyakan 'apa yang sedang berlaku' terhadap Tabung Haji.

‘What on earth is happening?’ netizens ask Tabung Haji

Recent revelations of Tabung Haji's financial status is causing a stir online with many netizens voicing their shock and anger over it.

DAPSY: Nothing wrong with an Opposition KL mayor

Why can't KL taxpayers have their elected reps decide how DBKL spends its money?

Common to see students crying from being completely broke

Student activist Hasliza Mohd says it is wrong for the public to accuse students of being spoilt as existing on a shoestring budget was a very real problem.

Hazim: Being gay, an atheist shouldn’t make a difference

Hazim Ismail says he hopes his family will come around and that they need "time to heal."

Child marriage opens rape case minefield

We shouldn't be justifying men's sexual weakness, says veteran women's rights activist Ivy Josiah.