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Pemandu, penumpang GrabCar dilindungi insurans

Setiap pemandu dan penumpang dilindungi insurans bernilai RM64,200 jika berlaku kemalangan, kata ketua Grab Malaysia.

Ambiga urges Malaysians to register as voters

Lawyer and activist Ambiga Sreenevasan says the opposition can win GE14 if Malaysians come out in droves to vote.

GrabCar: Drivers and passengers have insurance cover

Grab Malaysia head Sean Goh says the total personal accident benefits can go up to RM64,200 per person, for both the driver and passenger.

Hati-hati kaji rayuan iktiraf UEC, kata pendidik

Seorang pakar pendidikan berkata, pelajar UEC mungkin perlu mengambil kertas bahasa Malaysia dan Sejarah bagi SPM untuk layak ke universiti awam.

Study Dong Zong’s plea with care, ministry told

An education expert says UEC students may need more than an SPM credit in BM to qualify for entry into public universities.

New scheme covers drivers but passengers still at risk

Should an accident occur, the passenger in a ride sharing vehicle could hold the government liable due to SPAD's delay in regulating Uber, Grab, says 4PAM president.

Chatime: La Kaffa and Loob disputing halal status

Allegation by Taiwan company draws immediate denial by CEO of former master franchisee Loob Holdings, who says they have been certified by Jakim for past 6 years.

Chatime: Taiwan owner says new master franchisee identified

La Kaffa International confident of holding on to almost a third of the current 165 Chatime outlet franchise operators, to continue growing its brand here.

Vet UEC for quality first, says educationist

Experts must determine whether the curriculum is up to par before the certificate is approved for recognition.'

Call for GST waiver with FT welfare card

If it's meant to help the poor, they shouldn't have to worry about tax, says MP.

Bus firms looking at reducing fleet sizes

An association representing express bus companies says the industry suffers from rising costs and the government's refusal to deregulate fares.

GrabCar maintains rates despite fuel price hike

However, motorcycle-ride sharing service Dego Ride may increase prices.

Security firms told to improve firearms training

Many companies are doing only 'touch and go' exercises, says Stadam.

SEA Games athletes to train as usual amid dengue outbreak

National Sports Council to watch out for new cases of infection in Bukit Jalil area.

MPK roboh tokong ‘berkubah’ masjid

Pengarah komunikasi Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) berkata pemilik tokong itu sebelum ini berjanji untuk mengalihkan struktur berkenaan selepas Tahun Baru Cina, tetapi gagal berbuat demikian.

NGO India gesa Kementerian Pendidikan batalkan DLP

Kumpulan itu mempertikaikan bagaimana 47 sekolah Tamil layak melaksanakan DLP walaupun tidak memenuhi kriteria ditetapkan.

Shrine with mosque-like dome demolished

MPK communication director Norfiza Mahfiz says the owner had promised to remove the shrine after Chinese New Year but failed to do so.

Indian NGOs urge education ministry to revoke DLP

They question the selection of 47 Tamil schools for the dual language programme, claiming they had not fulfilled the criteria set by the education ministry.

Driver’s death prompts GrabCar to tighten health rules

Grab Malaysia considers various measures to ensure its drivers are fit.

Suaram: Bosses must stop holding foreign workers’ passports

“The passport is like insurance to keep the workers under control. However, it is against the law to do that," says Klang MP Charles Santiago.

Selangor outsources pest control to combat Aedes

Private companies to conduct fogging as dengue cases expected to rise during rainy season.

Selangor kekurangan petugas banteras denggi

Kerajaan negeri meminta pihak berkuasa tempatan mengambil syarikat luar untuk menjalankan kerja pengasapan nyamuk

Lebih baik tanpa TPP, kata penganalisa ekonomi

Negara masih dapat manfaat walaupun Amerika Syarikat menarik diri daripada perjanjian itu.

Analyst sees better growth without TPP

The way is paved for a China-based pact, says Hoo Ke Ping.