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What’s so great about the Great Wall of China?

Built over centuries and by different dynasties, the Great Wall of China is considered one of the most impressive human-made structures in the world.

Terracotta Army: Loyal to China’s Emperor even in death

Afraid of entering the afterlife alone, first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huangdi, orders construction of the Terracotta Army to protect him after death.

Hot, healthy and affordable meals await at Agrain

Now with its fifth outlet opened at KL Sogo, Agrain is reinvigorating the concept of healthy food by providing hot and tasty meal options.

Dunning-Kruger effect: When the ignorant think they’re smart

The Dunning-Kruger effect can be observed when someone overestimates their competence and underestimates that of everyone else's.

How plastic is suffocating the world

Plastic is an everyday part of life, but constant usage has terrible long-term repercussions.

Chiqui Don: Hip hotspot serves comfort food from crowdsourced recipes

Located in Damansara Heights, Chiqui Don accepts recipes from customers and includes them on the menu.

Richard Jewell: A meaningful biopic or political bias?

Richard Jewell tells the true story of the man suspected of being the mastermind of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing.

Deadly Covid-19 outbreak triples demand for hand sanitisers

A local cleaning products firm is struggling to fulfil skyrocketing demand for hand sanitisers as fear of the Covid-19 outbreak continues.

Port Dickson Army Museum honours military heritage of Malaysia

The Muzium Tentera Darat in Port Dickson depicts the history and sacrifice made by soldiers in the line of duty.

Gem jeweller Kogie is stringing her way through life

Kogie Loganathan makes a living as an artisan crafting beautiful gem jewellery.

The philosophy of romance: Why do humans love?

Philosophers have long debated the reasons why humans love, and there are many schools of thought behind this powerful emotion.

7 types of boyfriends Malaysian women love to date

Whether or not you finally tie the knot with them, the boyfriends that you will date throughout your life will most certainly leave a lasting impression on you.

Loneliness and how you can tackle it

In a world with social media and instant communication, it is still possible to suffer from social isolation.

5 real-life romance stories that will break your heart

This Valentine’s Day, read the real-life, heart-breaking romances that made couples stay together even after death.

Laugh out loud this Valentine’s at Family Friendly Comedy Night

Organised by ALMS Productions and Live Space, this Valentine’s Day event will see age-appropriate material being presented by local stand-up talents.

7 types of girlfriends Malaysians love

Whether you are cuddling, texting, arguing or just hanging out, there is no denying that having a girlfriend can add quite a bit of spice to your life.

Frances Kelsey: Female scientist who saved thousands of lives

Her refusal to give in to a pharmaceutical company’s demands enabled this scientist to save thousands of lives.

What’s on the cards? Tarot card reader Lefevre reveals all

Financial advisor Anthony Lefevre, reads tarot cards for curious clients in his free time and foretells their possible futures.

The intriguing stories behind Chap Goh Mei

A Hokkien festival, Chap Goh Mei is the final day of the Chinese New Year.

How do cults deceive and recruit people?

Despite the ill repute that cults have garnered due to their questionable activities, people still remain vulnerable to indoctrination and recruitment.

Birds of Prey flies fantastically as a fun flick

Based on the comic series, Birds of Prey follows Harley Quinn as she joins forces with a band of female vigilantes to fight a murderous crime boss.

This Valentine’s, dine and dazzle your beloved at Element KL

This Valentine’s, treat your beloved to dinner overlooking the city skyline at Trace restaurant.

Why is there no cure to cancer yet?

While researchers work tirelessly to find a way to beat cancer once and for all, there is still a long road to discovery that has yet to be navigated.

How animals spread viruses to humans

How the coronavirus outbreak from a Wuhan live animal market turned into a human epidemic.