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5 things to consider before getting a pet

Getting a pet is a major decision and ought to be considered carefully.

Remembering Carol: The Julia Child and Master Chef of Malaysia

The late Malaysian cookbook writer and cooking teacher Carol Selva Rajah leaves a legacy of cookbooks and local recipes.

Rotary Club music video reminds Malaysians to ‘Stop the Spread’

With restrictions on movement greatly relaxed, the Rotary Club has produced a video reminding everyone to continue guarding against Covid-19.

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ writer Adele Lim is Malaysia’s Gamechanger

Los Angeles-based screenwriter, best known for her work on 'Crazy Rich Asians', reveals how she got to be where she is today.

The King of Fruit: Facts and myths of the durian revealed

Love it or hate it, the durian is either the most delicious fruit or the smelliest abomination on earth.

5 types of food cats should never eat

Cats are curious creatures and may gobble up things that may not be good for their health.

5 movies to catch when cinemas re-open in July

With cinemas finally reopening next month, catch some blockbusters to celebrate the return to normalcy.

The fascinating story behind the Dragon Boat Festival

The festival has been held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar for more than 2,000 years, to mark the death of a patriotic Chinese poet.

5 food types that are poisonous to your dog

While it is a nice gesture to share leftovers with your dog, be careful not to feed them anything that may harm their health.

5 movies to bond with dad this Father’s Day

From heartbreaking to adrenaline-pumping, these movies are the ones to watch while enjoying dear Dad’s company.

Feline of ‘Street Cat Named Bob’ fame dies, aged 14

Bob’s friendship with a recovering drug addict inspired the bestselling book and film 'A Street Cat Named Bob'.

B40 seamstresses band together to sew batik face masks

Komuniti Tukang Jahit is an initiative to teach women from B40 households sewing skills so they can support their families.

Napoleon Bonaparte: French national hero or cruel tyrant?

Famously defeated in the battle of Waterloo on June 16, 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte left behind a mixed and complicated legacy.

Taman Tugu: A safe haven in the city post-MCO

The Taman Tugu Project has launched an initiative so visitors are safe while experiencing the beauty of the city's historical green lung.

The Voynich Manuscript: World’s most mysterious book

Considered one of history’s biggest mysteries, the purpose, author and language of the Voynich Manuscript continues to baffle historians to this day.

5 extraordinary WWII heroes

During the second world war thousands of men and women fought bravely for their countries, but some went beyond the call of duty.

Local startup serves 10,000 cups of coffee for frontliners

Coffee Star Malaysia has deployed Coffee ATMs in Covid-19 treatment centres to provide healthcare workers with a cup of coffee.

The TV interpreter helping the deaf to ‘hear’

Tan Lee Bee, a long-serving sign language interpreter, is playing an important role in keeping the deaf updated on the latest Covid-19 developments.

Mansa Musa: The richest man in history?

According to legend, King Mansa Musa of Mali, had a great fortune, possibly the greatest in history.

5 types of personalities your cat may have

Cats, like their furless bipedal owners, can have greatly differing and individual personality types.

Local DJ fights to keep the beat going during quarantine

Self-taught disc jockey, Sean Leng, better known as 7UFO to his fans, is one of many entertainers struggling to cope during these difficult times.

Rose Chan, ratu penari bogel Malaya, dalam kenangan

Rose Chan jadi terkenal gara-gara satu persembahan di Ipoh apabila tiba-tiba butang bajunya tertanggal di depan penonton.

Remembering Rose Chan: Malaya’s Queen of Striptease

A legendary Malayan beauty, Rose Chan was a stripper, dancer, entertainer and philanthropist with a fascinating life story.

XCOM: Chimera Squad a lighter, fun take on alien invasion genre

Latest spinoff in the XCOM series, Chimera Squad sees the player taking command of an anti-terrorism squad with both human and alien squad members.