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Consumer group calls for body to protect transport users’ rights

The agency should be independent and have representatives from all relevant parties, says 4PAM.

Arrest decline in moral values with religious education, urges MIC

MIC president wants religious education classes to begin in schools.

Najib: PH only gave post to Indians under pressure

PM warns that opposition coalition is more interested in spreading confusion and will neglect the Indian community.

GST is 28% in India, PM reminds people, blaming high...

Najib Razak slams unscrupulous businessmen for blaming GST when increasing their prices and who then blame it on government.

Najib takes dig at Mahathir’s contributions to Indians

The PM says he has been called the father of development for Indians although his ancestors are not from India, unlike someone whose forefathers were from Kerala.

Najib: Saya bukan dari Kerala tapi sudah banyak bantu kaum India

Ini bukan kali pertama Najib menggunakan soal keturunan untuk menyerang Dr Mahathir yang lantang mengecam dan mengkritik beliau selaku perdana menteri dan presiden Umno.

Rehda: We are training foreigners but losing them to other countries

It says a better foreign worker policy needs to be in place to prevent construction industry from being hit badly.

End financing woes continue to affect sales, says Rehda

Real Estate Housing Developers' Association Malaysia says property launches have been cut back and many developers have frozen new recruitment of staff and cut down on benefits or perks like bonuses.

Mida: Companies need to embrace technology to compete

Mida CEO Azman Mahmud says companies must think ahead and welcome advancements in technology that make them more efficient.

Nazri: Umno doesn’t need big names for GE14

Umno supreme council member also dismisses speculation that more will follow former Selangor MB Mat Taib in rejoining the party.

Nazri thanks Najib for ‘spending spree’ on planes

Minister says Malaysia needs additional aircraft to boost its tourism industry and maintain its position as one of the world's most visited countries.

Ahli Parlimen gesa PH dapatkan penjelasan pendirian Anwar mengenai PAS

William Leong berkata PH dan PKR perlu tahu pendirian masing-masing daripada dikecewakan pada hari pilihan raya.

MCA won’t get genuine patriotic display through force, says PKR’s MP

Making attendance at events compulsory calls into question how many of those present will be there because of patriotism, says William Leong.

MP: PH should clarify Anwar’s stand on PAS with PKR leadership

PKR’s Selayang MP William Leong says both PH and PKR should know where they stand rather than be disappointed on election day.

Najib should first do it right at home, says Nurul Izzah

Instead of encouraging efforts to counter terrorism in Malaysia, PKR vice president Nurul Izzah says the prime minister has been instigating racial and religious sentiments to stay in power.

Selangor selecting site for iconic global business centre

Exco Teng Chang Khim says this will make Selangor recognisable as the gateway to Asean and a global trading hub.

Azmin jamin projek taman rekreasi di Melawati diteruskan

Azmin Ali yang juga adun Bukit Antarabangsa turut terjejas, apabila pusat khidmat masyarakatnya terpaksa dipindahkan dari tanah yang bakal dimajukan Sime Darby itu.

Azmin assures Melawati residents of park plan

The Selangor MB's office was among those relocated from the land to be developed by Sime Darby.

PAS representation in Selangor an internal matter, says Azmin

Selangor MB says he has spoken with the Amanah leadership regarding its motion for a review of PAS' representation in the state government.

Economist: People feeling the pinch, regardless of subsidies

The ringgit's depreciation, inflation and the rising cost of living negate the provision of any subsidies in services by the government, says economist.

Azmin: Selangor’s economic success proves state govt’s efforts

Selangor MB says the state will also continue to position itself as a regional trading hub.

Skeletons in Dr M’s closet: Polls tactic, says researcher

Ilham Centre’s Mohamad Hisomuddin Bakar says it is part of efforts to diminish former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's influence in BN strongholds.

SEA Games holiday manageable, say economists, unions

Employee unions welcome the off day yesterday, saying productivity levels have been on the rise.

Perlindungan undang-undang boleh elak orang gaji lari, kata Tenaganita

NGO tersebut kini dalam usaha merangka draf perundangan mengambil kira keperluan pembantu rumah.