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Lulu, the Shorkie who loves to go on drives

This little darling is a cross between Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier, and is intelligent and loving.

Meet the sassy Bella who’s more human than dog

This spunky Wirehaired Terrier-Labrador loves to snuggle, play in the park and wear outfits.

Odie Valentino, the much-loved rose among the thorns

With three women who adore him no end, this Shih-Poo lives a charmed life.

Arya, the ‘chocolate fudge brownie’ kitty

Sweet-natured and friendly, Arya's unique colour sets him apart from others.

Meet Keshu, the petite but muscular hunk

Part Miniature Pinscher, part Miniature Poodle, this 11-year-old is super sweet and fearless by nature.

Basha, the buff dwarf who is ‘scary fierce’

Five-year-old Rottweiler mix may be cute as a button but do not go near him unless he's wagging his tail and ready to make friends first.

Meet Miya, the madcap Siamese mix

Miya's life as a kitten was one filled with wild adventures, bouts of slumber and endless love from her foster mom.

Destiny, an ‘angel’ who left too soon

Abandoned on the streets, Devika and her husband take the Shih Tzu-mix home only to lose her after three years to an allergic reaction to medication.

Loki, the adorable ringleader of the Teh household

Loki likes to call the shots at home but is a loving and sweet-natured pooch who loves car rides more than walks in the neighbourhood.

Miao: From gangster girl to pretty princess

Once a stray, Miao has found a forever home with Regina Lum.

Brie, the ‘chunky ball’ who can snore the house down

The young English Bulldog oozes love and happiness from every pore.

Meet Burpee, the garden destroyer

Five-year-old Burpee loves to dig up the garden, and even bury her food in the sand sometimes.

Yuna, graceful kitty with the sweetest of meows

Although she can meow loudly in protest at being left alone, Yuna will sing softly when she is being cuddled and caressed.

Rover, the show dog with a string of trophies

Rover is a three-and-a-half year old Rottweiler who's happily retired now and living life just chilling with his adopted siblings.

Maxil, the little Florence Nightingale with the softest purr

Priya will never forget how Maxil sat by her side the entire time she was sick and purred softly.

Vaira, the ‘lovable buffoon’ with a heart of gold

Within minutes of fostering Vaira, the exuberant pup had wormed his way into the hearts of everyone he met.

An abandoned cat that inspired a humane TNR project

After meeting Cotton, Choong Koon Yean embarks on a trap-neuter-release effort to control the growing cat population where she lives.

Benji, the perfect cuddle buddy and leader of the pack

Benji is a four-year-old cat who loves nothing better than curling into a tight fuzz ball on one's lap to snooze the day away.

Tiny Teito, the gentle bully of the Pereira household

Tiny he may be, but Teito rules the roost and is everybody's little 'hero'.

Bella, the Maltese Shih Tzu who only has eyes for daddy

13-year old Maltese Shih Tzu is only mildly interested in playing with others and loves nothing better than hanging out with dad.

Bailey, the dog who gallops like a horse

Taking off like the wind, Bailey loves to run wild during her walks, happily exploring her surroundings and being just… a dog!

Meet Boo, the wannabe bully who’s brimming with love

Try as she might, this 11-year-old Westsie fails miserably at convincing anyone she a bully.

Scruffy the Chihuahua is the perfect party host

This 13-year-old is also gentle with kids and has an appetite as big as that of any St Bernard.

Onchet, from scraggly stray to stunning beauty

From a scrawny, starved kitten to a feisty healthy feline, Onchet's life made a complete turnaround when Dr Suzianah rescued him.