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Priscilla Prasena


Archived: Rare illness compounds woman’s misery

A Komala suffers not only a rare condition but is also poverty stricken.

DAP: Janice cannot contest in state polls

Former Teratai assemblyman Janice Lee will not be able to contest in the state DAP polls because her appeal has been rejected, says national organising secretary Anthony Loke.

Archived: Perkasa: Why fear us in Sarawak

Perkasa is dumbfounded as to why the Sarawak government fears them knowing well they are not a political party

Archived: Balance TPPA costs and benefits, says Rafidah

But the former minister of International Trade has confidence in Malaysian negotiators

Archived: Is M’sia ready for same gender adultery?

Legal experts share their views on a divorce petition filed on grounds of adultery whereby the extramarital affair is between same gender partners.

Archived: Hospital slammed for ‘losing’ surgical ward patient

A patient found missing was later located by his neighbours and sent home, and hospital tells the wife to send him back to hospital using her own transport.

Bersih, where is People’s Tribunal report?

The much awaited Bersih People's Tribunal report investigating irregularities of the GE13 is delayed due to more time required by panel members says a Bersih steering committee member.

PRM, a third political force in the making?

Ex_DAP man's move on Parti Rakyat Malaysia is to prepare the party to take on the two political heavyweight, which he claimed are failing the rakyat.

Archived: Obesity: Stop stuffing your child

Health experts claim that either forcing a child to eat or indulging an offspring's tendency to overeat could lead to childhood obesity.

Archived: Vernacular education: The debate continues

There are mixed reactions from parents on the vernacular education system in light of a UN report of intellectual disparity.

Archived: 95 and still fighting for his proper pension

Alagan who was the pioneer in championing monthly wages for civil servants has been denied of pension privileges.

Archived: Deepavali and no toilets

Kampung Bunga Raya Subang residents are outraged and feel let down by their assemblyperson who has left them in the lurch without functioning toilet facilities.

Archived: Discrimination against disabled: Outlet eats humble pizza

A disabled man claims he was discriminated by a pizza outlet as they told him that it was not their policy to allow wheelchairs in.

Archived: Poverty festering but where are the funds?

According to sources, about RM30 million has been allocated for welfare but the Selangor government has been, until today, elusive on the matter.

Archived: Ibrahim: Umno’s betrayal still hurts

Perkasa is more relevant now as Umno Youth has become increasingly irrelevant in championing the Malay agenda, says the Perkasa chief.

Perkasa chief: We’re not against Christians

However Ibrahim Ali says Perkasa is fighting for the Malay rights in accordance to what is stipulated in the federal constitution.

Archived: ‘Good frog’ Ibrahim: I’m often misunderstood

Perkasa supremo says he is often misunderstood and labelled as racist by the public, without them knowing the 'real' Ibrahim Ali, who has respect for other races and religions.

It’s the doctors who matter, say patients

While medical practitioners and business professionals argue on who is best suited to run a hospital, patients say their primary concern is the doctors.

Archived: Are doctors ideal candidates to run hospitals?

While practitioners say yes, most hospitals in Malaysia are managed by those with non-medical backgrounds

Archived: Uthayakumar ‘tortured’ in jail, claims wife

The Hindraf leader's wife claims that her husband was locked-up in dark isolation cell for 28-days and was forced to sleep on concrete floor.

Archived: Suaram calls for suspension of cop

The human rights NGO wants the policeman suspended for shooting a 10-year old.

Archived: Poor Indians: Statistics are wrong, says state exco

Selangor exco member in charge of poverty says no proper study has been done on the number of hardcore poor in Selangor.

Archived: Immigration claims services improved but visitors beg to differ

While visitors to the immigration department are complaining of poor services, the department claim their services have improved and their staff have been trained to be people friendly.

Archived: Management change causes delay in flat allocation

A private company has taken over the management of PPR flats from MBPJ and this has caused a delay in allocating the units to eligible applicants.