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Property market expected to remain in the doldrums

The primary market is supported by the HOC but the secondary market is not expected to see an upturn, and property auctions will likely increase.

Loan approval rates expected to drop post Covid-19

Loan approvals are expected to drop, NPLs expected to rise and the property and vehicle markets are expected to suffer once loan moratorium ends.

Time needed for Johor’s retail market to bounce back

Singaporeans and tourists are the main drivers of Johor’s retail market, and a full recovery will only happen when they return.

Will property prices fall when loan moratorium ends?

Property prices are expected to drop precipitously after October, but many industry players are maintaining some optimism.

How valuers protect the interests of buyers, sellers, banks

Valuation is an art and it requires years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the real estate industry.

KLCC property market relying heavily on foreign buyers

The KLCC market attracts a higher percentage of buyers from outside the country because of the price points and amenities on offer.

Short-term rental via Airbnb versus long-term lease

Renting a property out in the short term on Airbnb can have its advantages under the current market conditions.

Creating value key to strong property sales in Johor

Despite the property overhang in Johor, Temokin believes it is possible to create successful developments.

What happens when your home loan outlives you

A mortgage is handled in one of several ways when someone dies, depending on certain legal factors.

Loan moratorium extension good for borrowers, not for banks

While borrowers have some little wiggle room, the extension constrains the banks in their restructuring and recovery efforts.

How the retail industry is rebounding from Covid-19

The retail industry received a body blow from the Covid-19 pandemic, but with the RMCO in place, recovery is on the way.

Mortgage insurances: How MLTA differs from MRTA

Besides committing to servicing your home loan, owning a home also comes with the added expense of buying mortgage insurance.

4 townships in KL most favoured by entrepreneurs

Location, location, location is the mantra for those setting up a business. Here are four of the best spots in Kuala Lumpur

Overpricing for ‘cashback’ is hurting the property market

Real estate players are calling on the government to stop house price inflation caused by cashback schemes

Johor property overhang remains a concern

Property players say a better approach is needed to solve this long-standing problem.

The real ‘financial gurus’ millennials should listen to

Read about the dangers of loan compression and how it can lead to early bankruptcy if you’re not careful.

Loan compression, a bottomless debt trap

It looks like a shortcut to a large property portfolio and riches, but overleveraging to purchase multiple properties can wreck your finances.

KL Eco City, a much-coveted corporate location

After nine years of construction, KL Eco City is coming into its own.

Mont’ Kiara, enclave for expatriates

The area has become one of the most popular residential areas in the capital for wealthy foreigners.

How big data is benefitting the real estate industry

Big data is the processing of large amounts of data which algorithms are applied to in order to discover trends in user behaviour.

Why millennials must know that loan compression is a scam

Millennials are advised to take on multiple loans to buy more than one property at once but this could make inexperienced investors bankrupt.

Time to improve affordability, not build more affordable homes

With the rising cost of living and the unequal distribution of income among the people, it appears that more affordable housing is not the solution.

More developer incentives needed so building affordable homes is fairly profitable

With shrinking profit margins, industry players urge the government to review the many regulatory fees imposed on them.

Bangsar South: Most sought-after property investment today

The 60-acre parcel of land is a self-sustaining ecosystem that lives up to the demands of modern-day living.