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S’gor to pay civil servants 1 ½- month bonus

MB Azmin Ali doubles salary increment for 2016 and increases housing allowance of civil servants in Grade 41 and below by RM120.

Hishammuddin sneers at ‘referendum on Najib’

1MDB a non-issue at two by-elections, and reporters should ask Mahathir about voters' judgement on the PM

Isu 1MDB gagal pengaruhi pengundi Sg Besar, Kuala Kangsar

Hishammuddin berkata, terbukti tohmahan pembangkang salah kerana rakyat boleh menilai sejauh mana impak isu 1MDB.

Sg Besar: Amanah thanks Mahathir, PH for their support

Secretary-General Anuar Tahir says Amanah is proud to receive the "silver medal" as a new party.

Mat Sabu syukur Amanah dapat ‘pingat perak’

Ahli politik veteran itu berterima kasih kepada Dr Mahathir, dan berharap pencapaian Amanah mendorong "penjajaran semula" politik tanah air.

PAS’ Abdul Rani unaffected by Sungai Besar loss

PAS candidate Dr Abdul Rani Osman says "true victory" remains in the hereafter.

Jamal ticked off for early victory fireworks

Police officer reprimands Umno division chief and seize crates of fireworks in front of Umno office

Dentuman bunga api kejutkan penduduk Sg Besar

Polis merampas beberapa kotak bunga api yang belum dinyalakan dari tempat kejadian.

Fuss-free polls a sign of maturity, says Idris

Not a lot happening at polling centres in contrast to past elections when 'pondok panas' are full of commotion.

Nelayan dibebaskan Indonesia ‘balas jasa’ di PRK Sg Besar

Chua Lee Teck yang masih keletihan tetap menjalankan tanggungjawab di PRK Sungai Besar pagi tadi.

Police: No victory parades after election

Sungai Besar campaign incident-free with only 29 reports since nomination day, says Selangor CPO

Azmin usik penjawat awam dengan bonus raya

Menteri Besar Selangor tidak mahu mengumumkan jumlahnya kerana tidak mahu mempengaruhi pilihan raya

Selangor MB hints at bigger Raya bonus for civil servants

Azmin Ali says last year, Selangor paid out a one-month bonus, but state reserves had expanded from RM3.3 billion last year to RM4.1 billion this year.

Second Anwar letter personal note to me, says PKR veep

Shamsul Iskandar hopes prison authorities will not increase their security surrounding Anwar Ibrahim due to a letter smuggled out of jail.

Amanah: Don’t blame people for price hikes

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad says the National Civics Bureau (BTN) Chief Ibrahim Saad must realise that removal of subsidies and GST, and not spending by the people, had caused the increase in prices of goods.

Ismail Sabri: Kit Siang is racist, sue me

Minister says he never called Lim anti-Islam and says he will counter-sue if the DAP stalwart sues him.

Minister: No Opposition rep ever met me for allocations

Ismail Sabri says the government never restricts Opposition MPs from meeting ministers to obtain allocations for their constituents.

Verbal abuse of reporter: Amanah promises probe

Amanah Youth apologises to media fraternity over ruckus during Rafizi Ramli press conference yesterday in Kuala Kangsar.

Nazri: Rafizi’s the biggest liar ever

Rosmah Mansor’s aide Rizal Mansor should be given the chance to answer accusations, says the minister.

Amanah: Rebels will face disciplinary action

Amanah Secretary-General Anuar Tahir says the six members who openly declared support for BN have breached party rules.

Amanah: Even the Dutch don’t complain about us sporting orange

Amanah leader condemns "petty" PAS for criticising logo and party colour.

Dr Dzul: MB’s presence at Sungai Besar will boost Amanah’s chances

Amanah election director says Azmin Ali's decision to show up in Sungai Besar can help sway fence-sitters.

‘Nazri’s remark a declaration of war against Rulers’

Amanah Strategy Director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad claims the government has ignored the Conference of Rulers.

Amanah: Voting for PAS is useless in by-election

Amanah claims polls show that only Umno and Pakatan Harapan have significant support in Sungai Besar.