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Abdar Rahman Koya


Kit Siang disappoints Malaysians

We were primed up for the Great Debate. Alas, there's been a contestus interruptus.

Why May 9 should worry PH politicians

One year is not that long in politics, especially for a government that has to sift through the mess accumulated through decades of mismanagement.

Marzuki’s scroll, small minds and big mouths

Marzuki Yahya and others with lowly degrees have nothing to be ashamed of as long as they have integrity and humility.

Short and historic, a quick look at Sultan Muhammad V’s 755-day...

The Kelantan ruler was the first Agong without a Permaisuri, and the first to witness a change of government at the federal level.

When privileged elites lack empathy for angry minorities

It is time the leaders of the majority display magnanimity to those who have been denied fair play as fellow citizens.

Agamawan sudah tidak relevan di saat negara berkabung

Seorang daripada ulama di negara ini menggunakan prinsip hutang darah dibayar darah sebagai maklum balas Islam sewajarnya terhadap kematian Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

When a Muslim scholar parades his irrelevance as the nation mourns

His call for vengeance for Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim's death is a sickening reminder that some of our so-called religious leaders are really an insult to Islam.

Pak Lah, Najib tinggalkan perkhidmatan awam ‘gemuk’, kata Dr M

Perdana menteri berkata penggantinya mengambil 600,000 penjawat awam dalam tempoh 15 tahun ketiadaannya dalam kerajaan.

Pak Lah and Najib left us a bloated civil service, says...

The prime minister says during his 15-year absence from the government, his successors took in another 600,000 civil servants.

Khilafah Othmaniyah Turki juga amal ICERD, kata Mustafa Akyol

Rakyat Malaysia yang membantah ICERD atas alasan Islam perlu mengkaji perlembagaan khilafah Othmaniyah 1876 tentang persamaan.

The caliphate had ICERD too, Turkish scholar reminds Malaysian Muslim groups

Mustafa Akyol says it is futile to use Islamic arguments to justify opposition to the global convention on equality.

In Singapore, close encounters with voters pay dividends for MPs

In a city-state that is forced to survive with limited resources, solving mundane problems takes precedence over championing lofty ideals.

Unlike Anwar, my conscience not for sale, says ex-speechwriter

Munawar Anees still longs for his day in court, maintaining his innocence over a conviction on sodomy that once stunned the nation.

Dr M deserves our respect, says Singapore foreign minister

Vivian Balakrishnan speaks highly of the Malaysian prime minister, saying he holds the veteran leader in high esteem despite his 'sometimes provocative' views.

What Maszlee’s critics don’t understand

Maszlee Malik can perhaps justify the three magic words in IIUM's name and give them their rightful meaning.

The new FMT News

This is the first major overhaul of our site since we first launched as an independent news portal in 2009

Najib: Kami tinggalkan ekonomi dalam keadaan baik, kini bersiap hadapi defisit

Bekas perdana menteri itu mengaitkan unjuran kadar pertumbuhan lebih rendah oleh BNM dengan langkah kerajaan baru PH merungkai rancangan ekonomi beliau.

Najib to PH: We left you economy in good shape, now...

The ex-prime minister links the lower growth forecast by Bank Negara to the current government's undoing of his economic plans.

Orang Melayu semakin konservatif, jadi kami dekati PAS, kata Najib

'Politik adalah permainan angka', kata bekas perdana menteri.

Malays becoming conservative, so we reached out to PAS, says Najib

'Politics is a game of numbers,' says the ex-PM.

Najib: Saya harap PH lebih baik berbanding pasukan saya

Bekas perdana menteri itu berkata beliau sudah lama menerima kehendak rakyat dan berharap kerajaan baharu akan lebih baik berbandingnya.

Najib: I hope PH does better than my team

The ex-PM tempers his combativeness with a statesman's attitude, saying he cares too much for Malaysia to wish failure for the new government.

Najib: Tamatkan khidmat CEP maknanya kembali kepada sistem betul

Bekas perdana menteri itu berkata, Kabinet mempunyai kuasa sepenuhnya, bukannya Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan 5 anggota yang ditubuhkan selepas pilihan raya umum ke-14 lalu.

Ending CEP means going back to the rightful system, says Najib

The former leader says Cabinet has the full authority and not the five-member advisory council formed in the wake of the historic elections.